Wedding Party App!

iPhone 5 mania is going on so I thought it’d be a great time to tell you about the Wedding Party App, a new app that’s pretty revolutionary to wedding photos. After every wedding, there are a few days where guests upload photos to social media giving a sneak peek into the wedding before the professional pictures are ready. Most of these images trickling in are from your guest’s phones since, let’s face it, half the time people don’t even bring real cameras anymore. But when you’re on your honeymoon, you don’t need to be getting on Facebook or Twitter every hour to check if you’ve been tagged in any new pictures.

That’s where this app comes in, your guests download the app, put in your wedding’s unique username, and all of the photos they take at the wedding or upload after the event go to a central location so you can see your wedding as your guest’s saw it and then share it on Facebook. Even better the pictures are organized in chronological order based on when they were taken so you can literally walk through your wedding day. There’s even a printable instructions download available so you can set them around your ceremony or reception to let guests know about the app and how to use it! The Wedding Party app by no means replaces a professional photographer but it’s a fun way to see all the fun candids your guests take!

Check it out here! Simple, useful, and fun! Would you use this app at your wedding?

Music Monday: Real Wedding Songlist

We’re doing something a little different with Music Mondays now. If Music Monday happens around the time of a previous couple’s wedding anniversary, we will feature their wedding songlist.

Happy Anniversary, Tashawn and Jovanghn! To see how gorgeous their entire wedding was, check out their blog feature.

Processional for Grandmothers and Mothers:

Not going to lie – I love that the Groom and his men walked down the aisle to this song:

The Bridesmaids walked down the aisle and the Bride met her Groom to this song:


First Dance:

Father/Daughter Dance:

Mother/Son Dance:

Last Dance:

As you can see – a super fun song list!

Welcome to the Greek Isles!

StudioWed’s Inspired Bride event was a smashing success! Guests to our section went around the world with a Greek Isles inspired ceremony and reception setup. We had a great time meeting everyone who came out to get ideas and find some great vendors to add to their own wedding teams! For those of you who weren’t able to attend we’ve got your recap complete with pictures by the lovely Melissa Prosser Collazo of Melissa Prosser Photography.

Coral, turquoise, and gold came together with gorgeous ivory drapery by Event Drapery to create a relaxing oasis straight from the shores of Mykonos. The drape set the relaxing, island stage with a sheer blue ceiling swag reminiscent of waves and the ivory venetian swag drape behind the altar continued the flowy feel in a truly stunning manner.  For the ceremony, our “bride and groom” tied the knot in front of a gold pegboard (yes, the kind you hang tools on) filled with flowers and suspended at the “altar.”

Our reception estate table featured a gold pegboard runner (matching the suspended altar pegboard) raised off the table with a beautiful pattern of coral and ivory roses with pops of orange by Aesthetic Floral and Event Artistry throughout. Clear glass votive holders were placed on top to add romance. Each place setting featured a solid white dinner and salad plate, wine glasses, and silverware in front of a crystal flex chair all from We Rent Atlanta, topped off with a Greek-inspired menu card and gold napkin. The centerpiece took center stage with the dramatic lighting from Unique Event Management to really help it pop.

Jamie Wyckoff of Julia’s Poppies Design created all of the fun stationary featured in the Greek Isles. Jamie custom-made all of the designs to fit our theme and really knocked it out of the park. From the round menu cards to the personalized name tag at each table setting to the Be Inspired card all of our guests took home, it all looked spectacular. And we have to mention the stunning chair artwork in the coral and turquoise chevron spin Jamie created that I Do Linens turned into decals for our crystal flex chairs!

What clothing comes to mind when you think of Greece? Togas! While a wedding may not be the best venue to rock the toga why not incorporate the idea somewhere else? Like the chairs perhaps. That’s what we did! Our ceremony chairs were a white chivari with an ivory chair tie gathered and accessorized with gold bangles that could easily pass off as bracelets (we DIY-ed these with flat wire, so simple!). A cluster of white rocks and candles ended each row of chairs creating a unique, dramatic, Greek aisle.

A Divine Event created this chocolate decadence table that had our guests raving and coming back for thirds! Chocolate covered strawberries, homemade chocolate peanut butter cups, white and milk chocolate straws and so many more sinful treats were too good to resist! And we have to talk about the fabulous linens, custom designed by Tamara of I Do Linens, swagged up with broaches and necklaces to reveal the turquoise underneath. Stunning!

Thanks again to all the amazing vendors who helped bring the Greek Isles to the Foundry at Puritan Mill!
Coordination/Design  A Big To Do Event
Floral Artistry  Aesthetic Floral & Event Artistry
Stationary/Graphic Design  Julia’s Poppies Design
Photography  Melissa Prosser Photography
Dessert Presentation  A Divine Event
Linens  I Do Linens
Drapery  Event Drapery
Lighting  Unique Event Management
Rentals  We Rent Atlanta
Venue  The Foundry at Puritan Mill

The Good & Bad of Hiring “Friendors”

What is a Friendor, you ask?

A Friendor is a friend acting as a vendor.

First, let me say all of our friends are highly talented people. Absolutely. That’s why you’re friends, right? Duh! And for the purposes of this post, I am not talking about friends helping with the details {favors, tying your monogram on the bubbles, etc}. I’m purely talking about friends doing a piece of the wedding day preparation or execution that would take the place of a paid vendor.

In light of being fair and balanced, here are a few reasons couples choose to use friends to do certain pieces of the wedding day.

1. They really DO bake the best cakes, and they absolutely insisted.
Hey – it happens. It even happened to Shelby in “Steel Magnolias” when her mother-in-law insisted on the infamous armadillo cake.

2. That particular aspect {flowers, etc} just isn’t that important to you.
If you absolutely know that your wedding day would be 100% perfect without {cake, flowers, whatever}, but your best friend is just horrified that your tables will be naked without flowers in the middle, heck, let her put the flowers together. It will make her happy and will give her something to do.

3. It really is a budget thing. You really just don’t have an extra $250 for a professional to come to the hotel and do your hair and makeup.
There are plenty of independent beauty consultants (think Mary Kay, BeautiControl, Arbonne, etc) that would love to work with you. Many of them will offer a Beauty Bar or a Pamper Party as one of your showers and will come to the hotel and apply those colors on you for your wedding as long as you’ve purchased their product.

All that being said, there are a couple of guidelines I’d like you to put in place before asking your friend who “does a great job on makeup, in fact, she’s done all of our makeup for every event since prom!” on your vendor team.

1. Does your friend have insurance?
I just had a conference call with a bride about her wedding team. Flowers are just not that important to her. She knows what she wants, and what she wants, she can get at Trader Joe’s. So one of her “most creative friends she knows” is going to head up a team to assemble these centerpieces and decor for the reception. However, the vision has morphed since we spoke last to “something hanging from the ceiling.”  {GASP!} She has a vision of this friend on a ladder. This is not ok. If anything happens to this friend, not only is the venue potentially on the hook for the injuries, but the bride and groom could also be liable! Few things can go awry when just creating centerpieces and placing them on tables, but when ladders are involved, please hire a professional with insurance!!

2. Are you paying this friend?
Everyone who is associated with creating your wedding day should be related to you on a business basis. There should be a contract and a coinciding payment for everything! If your aunt who is baking your four-tier wedding cake gets sick and is unable to stand long enough to bake your cake, or she can’t find those column-things to separate the tiers, looks like you may be without a wedding cake!

Contracts don’t have to be ten pages long. An email from your cousin who is doing your makeup saying she’ll “be there at 2:00 and you owe her $100 when she’s done” counts as a contract.

3. Does one hand know what the other is doing?
All of the vendors should share the same brain on wedding day. The photographer should know what time hair and makeup should be done, so the right photos can be taken at the right time. If the hair and makeup process is delayed, it pushes back everything else. Also, the lighting vendor should know what time they need to be done, so the caterer can set up the tables, then the linens can be set, so the florist can put centerpieces on the tables, etc. If your friend is one of those pieces of the puzzle, she should know where she fits in the puzzle so all of the other pieces can fall into their appropriate places at the right time.

4. Do you have a plan for if something goes wrong or you don’t like the end result?
This is part of why contracts and payments are so important. We hear, “No, we’re not going to hire a photographer because one of our friends is an awesome photographer/has a really nice camera” often. This is not ok. Not only are you breaking rule number 2 above, it doesn’t sound like there’s a plan for if you don’t like your wedding photos. Take it from me. I know this is horrible, but in all transparency, I broke this rule. When I was getting married, one of my husband’s friends did our wedding photos. She is a phenomenal kid photographer. Phenomenal. However, all of the pictures of us during the ceremony are super far away, and the “I Now Pronounce You Husband And Wife” photo… Half of both of our faces are cut off.

We can NEVER get that moment back. And what can we do about it? Nothing. We didn’t pay her. Photography was her gift to us. But I’ll tell you, I still don’t have any pictures of our wedding day on my walls in my house. That’s sad. Please don’t let that happen to you.

I don’t write this post to totally scare you, just to give you some insight and some things to look out for if you absolutely need to go the “friendor” route.

Pull Up A Chair!

When planning a wedding, chairs are often overlooked or just not high on the list of priorities but they are actually a huge part of your wedding décor when you think about it. There’s usually one chair for every person so that can add up to a lot of chairs! With so many of one item you know they are going to have a strong presence in your pictures so why not break away from the standard white lawn chairs and choose something that better fits your décor and looks great in pictures!

There are lots of different options but my personal fave right now is ghost chairs (also called mirage chairs by some companies). These clear acrylic chairs look fabulous and you practically can’t even see them! They can work to fit almost every theme and help tie your décor choices together without drawing the eye away from the tables, flowers, and other elements you spent so much time perfecting! And even more exciting (at least I think so anyways) is they are now available tinted in different colors like amber or gold! How much fun is that?! It’s not every day I get excited about a chair but I just can’t help it with these stunners!

Photo Credit

If you want a more traditional look for your wedding but also love the clear, see-through look then you’ll love the clear Chivari chairs! Just like the ghost chairs but in Chivari shape. You can also choose to have padded seats like regular Chivari chairs to give some added comfort. Or if you’re having a more rustic wedding, you could choose the natural wood Chivari chairs to help the overall natural feel of the space!

Chameleon chairs are another great new event chair option. Our friends at Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club recently added these to their onsite collection to add a subtle touch of elegance to every event. Chameleon chairs can come with a variety of base designs, cushions colors and textures, and/or sleek fitted covers in your choice of color and design!  Here’s an example from Claire and Scott’s wedding at Foxhall of the chameleon chairs adding to the romantic feel of the room!

Photo Credit: Peach Blossom Photography

So many options! What would you choose?


Music Monday: Processional

I am a true sucker for this song. The lyrics make my eyes fill up with big, ole crocodile tears. That’s the “good housekeeping seal” of a perfect wedding song, right?

I think the processional music should be the instrumental version because it doesn’t make the song so much of the focus, it’s more of a hint of the song. The two of you know what it is.

You could also use the lyrics version as your first dance.


Jenny and Ryan are on Style Me Pretty!

How exciting! We are thrilled to announce that Jenny and Ryan are featured on Style Me Pretty today! Style Me Pretty is, basically, the “Good Housekeeping Seal” for weddings.

We loved working with Jenny and Ryan to create their classic, southern wedding in Roswell, Georgia. We were lucky enough to work with Laura and Missy with Artstar by Laura Stone to capture this beautiful wedding.

You can also see more images in our portfolio here.

Vendor team:
Band: Brownstone, Axtell Productions
Baker: Douceur de France
Caterer: Talk Of The Town
Hair and Makeup: Aura Salon
Florist: Rittenhouse Designs
Photographer: Laura Stone, Artstar by Laura Stone
Wedding Planner: Erica Prewett, A Big To Do Event
Venue: Gardens at Great Oaks


All that Glitters!

If you’re like me then you think glitter is the most amazing/distracting/fabulous thing ever! If you give me something shiny, you might become my new favorite person if you can get me to stop staring at it. So obviously we’re loving this metallic trend in weddings and all the glitter that comes with it. From Mr. and Mrs. signs to centerpiece accents, we’re seeing these little specks of sparkle everywhere but what about some non-traditional uses?


What do you think about using glitter in the unity ceremony instead of sand? It comes in lots of colors, it’s shiny, and you could use it after for some pretty DIY wedding artwork. Maybe cover the mat behind some of your wedding photos in your unity glitter?


The Grand Exit. Years ago it was rice, then birdseed, but now the options are limitless! Your guests can shower you and your new hubby with glitter as they send you off into your new life with style and sparkle! You may spend your honeymoon picking stray flecks off you but it’s all worth it for fabulous pictures where swirls of glitter magically surround you.


 What do you think about using glitter in weddings? Love it or leave it?

Destination Weddings & Welcome Basket Checklist

Over the past three or four years, we have realized that we are an amazing resource for local brides who are getting married more than two hours away from home. In our world, more than two hours away from home-base is considered a Destination Wedding.

Some of the more-than-two-hours-away locations our brides have tied the knot in are: St. Thomas, USVI (see Tammy and Troy’s portfolio); Andrews, North Carolina (see Katie and Brandon’s portfolio); St. Simon’s Island, Georgia; Silver Spring, Maryland, and other corporate events all over the world (Bangkok, Thailand; Orlando, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; etc.). Our brides have told us that the benefit of hiring a planner that is local to them versus a planner that is local to the venue is that we can spend more time with them and really understand what it is they want for their wedding weekend. We can be available for a coffee appointment because the bride spent several hours on Pinterest and now has a new direction for the centerpieces. Otherwise, all of that would have to wait until she went back to the beach to meet with the planner there.

We’re really excited about working with some great ladies this coming year to plan their destination weddings. Keep an eye out as we’ll be posting pictures in the coming months from Cashiers, North Carolina; St. Simon’s Island, Georgia; and Savannah, Georgia.

Have you been thinking about a destination wedding but want to develop a relationship with your planner in person, rather than just on the phone and when you visit two or three times in the next year? We would love to help.

In the meantime, don’t forget about your guests who are making the trip to your destination. A welcome basket in their hotel room is always a nice touch. Here is a checklist to get you started. (Oh, and by the way, we can help put these together and deliver them to the hotels for you.)

{Starter} Welcome Basket Checklist for Destination Weddings

Real Weddings: Jovanghn and Tashawn

We had the honor of working with one of the sweetest couples a few months ago. Jovanghn and Tashawn got married at Agnes Scott College’s chapel and then transitioned to Evans Hall for their reception.

Jovanghn is a teacher, and like many in her profession – she is super dedicated to her students, so her time that was allocated to plan the wedding was limited. Tashawn is one of the logistics brains of Home Depot. He and Erica, their planner, were on the exact same wavelength because they both dream in spreadsheet.

Take a look. Aren’t they cute? 

Vendor Team:
Cake: Rhodes Bakery
Entertainment: Desmond Thomas, AAA DJ Services
Florals: Toni Friday, Events Boutique
Lighting: Joe Torres, Light It Up Productions
Photographer: Jen Schilestett, Photojenik Photography
Planning and Coordination: Erica Prewett, 
A Big To Do Event
Videographer: Edwin Hammond
Venue: Howard Robinson, Agnes Scott College