Winter Wonderland Tablescape

It may be Halloween but that means winter, and winter weddings, are right around the corner so we’re bringing you a Winter Wonderland today on the blog. I’m so excited to share these pictures with you of our winter tablescape in the front of StudioWed Atlanta! I could stare at this tablescape for hours and not get tired of it but then again, I’m biased! The talented Janet Howard of Janet Howard Studio shot every detail of the tablescape for us to share with you!

We decided to bring you inspiration for a “Natural Glam” winter event and our fantastic vendor team could not have done a better job executing this look! Choosing to have a rustic wedding doesn’t mean you have to just use mason jars and twine, you can add other natural elements and textures to create an elegant rustic look.

There are so many amazing elements of this tablescape that I don’t even know where to start this stylish tour! Heath, one of the brilliant artists behind Jackson Durham, outdid himself with this centerpiece consisting of a tall, silver candelabra with an arrangement of red tulips and roses, berries, greenery, and pinecones and branches sitting atop, capped off with a lamp shade covered in bark. Accented with dripping crystals and dusted with snow. Talk about WOW factor! The base is surrounded by crystal and silver mercury glass candle holders that keeps the eye moving to every element.

We can’t go any further on this tour without talking about the biggest pieces: the furniture. Mirrored table on a barrel anyone? Jackson Durham can do it. Rustic sofa seating on one side with wood grain pillows? Settee Event Decor can provide it. Barrel to highlight your cake? Just talk to Heath. One of the best features of the mirrored table is that your centerpiece and décor doesn’t just end when the base touches the table, it continues on into the mirror, reflecting back up for your guests to see another dimension of the design.

So I mentioned that the cake is displayed on a barrel, sitting on a bed of snow but we need to talk about the cake itself. This cake is pure perfection! Melonie of For Goodness Cakes outdid herself with this four-tiered, rustic winter statement. Red sugar rose petals falling down the snow-capped tiers, faux wood fondant pieces mimicking the wood grain of the barrels. A delightful winter masterpiece that matches the design perfectly plus tastes just as good!

Adding to the winter feel is the “blanket of snow” covering the ground and running along the center of the table. We got this look with the help and genius of Tamara with I Do Linens. Since we couldn’t actually bring snow in, we got the next best thing: white, fur linens. The runner helps bring the table together and bring your attention to the centerpiece. The carpet finishes the look and separates the table from the rest of the space while adding comfort and warmth. Event Drapery provided the backdrop of red velour drape to transport you to the middle of this winter wonderland event.

Now for the little things that make a big impact. Let’s start with the stationary! Sarah of Foglio Press created some stunning works of art on paper for this tablescape. The stationary to go along with this reception décor is clean while making a big impact. The invitation (recognize our bride and groom from one of your favorite holiday movies?) fits inside a natural wood pocket envelope, bringing in a natural pop of red and tied together with a silk dupioni ribbon in platinum. The platinum continues in the menus where the entrees are printed in red on translucent paper, revealing a platinum pattern underneath.

The finishing touches of this tablescape came from We Rent Atlanta where we were able to pick out everything we needed including the gorgeous Chivari chairs in Gunmetal. We set the table with We Rent’s elegant Estate Platinum china which can make any event glamorous. The silver baroque flatware and array of We Rent Atlanta’s glassware tie together each place setting, finished with a red napkin from I Do Linens for a pop of color.

See the tablescape yourself at StudioWed Atlanta and let us know what you think!

Thanks again to our vendor team!
Jackson Durham
Janet Howard Studio
Settee Event Decor
For Goodness Cakes
I Do Linens
Foglio Press
Event Drapery
We Rent Atlanta

Adrienne and JM are on Style Me Pretty!

By now you might have seen pictures from Adrienne and JM’s big day floating around our website but we’re so excited that now you can see even more of this wedding on Style Me Pretty!

We loved working with Adrienne and JM to help make their day everything they imagined and we couldn’t have done it without some amazing and talented vendors!

Photographer: Aislinn Rain Photography
DJ: Lou Guzzo, Spectrum Entertainment and Events
Venue: The Foundry at Puritan Mill
Caterer: William Neal, Affairs to Remember
Florist: Eva Behrendt Phillips, Tulip
Cake: HHDesserts
Videography: Walk on Water Productions
Invitations: MH3 Printing
Transportation, Getaway car: Classy Car Limo
Guest Transportation: Cooper Atlanta

Proposing: Finding the Perfect Ring

Listen up men (or more realistically ladies who “accidentally” leave the computer open to this page for your man to see), the holiday season is approaching which means proposal season is approaching as well and we’re here to help! Every week we’re going to help you navigate the steps of proposing here to make your job a little easier. This week let’s talk about how to find the perfect ring!


Now some of you will choose to go shopping with your future fiancé so she can select the ring herself, then go back and buy it later. This option is great because she has a say in the ring that will live on her finger for the rest of her life. Shopping with her also clues her in that a proposal is coming, which for the girl who doesn’t like surprises is a good thing.

For those of you who want to keep the element of surprise and find the ring on your own here are a few tips on how to find a ring she loves!

Pay Attention – If you’ve been dating for a while and frequently discuss marriage, she might already be dropping hints. As women, we like to be subtle and make you read between the lines but sometimes the message gets lots since it’s written in invisible ink. Try to be more aware of these cues while you’re planning your proposal though and it’ll help you immensely. If she’s reading a magazine and points out a ring she loves, that’s a hint. If she shows you a friend’s ring with a sigh, that’s a hint. If she starts talking about the measurements of her ring finger, that’s a pretty big hint. Pick up on these and you’ve got a place to start!

Pinterest – Check out her pinterest page to see if she’s pinned any ring pictures she likes. (If you don’t know what pinterest is, it’s an online pinboard where you can “pin” all kinds of ideas and inspiration) You can find her pinboard by seeing if maybe she has it favorited (this is one instance where computer snooping is okay) or just by searching her name. Here’s our engagement board so you can start getting familiar with the site. And don’t freak out if you see her wedding ideas board, every woman has one (even the ones that are already married) because it’s fun to dream and look at all the pretty.

Team up with her BFF – You may be skeptical about this one but a girl’s best friend could be your biggest ally during the proposal journey, as long as she’s sworn to secrecy. Whether they’ve talked about they’ve just casually dreamed about the day together or your future fiancé told her the perfect scenario in anticipation of you recruiting her for help, the best friend will know the scoop. And if she doesn’t? Ask her to find out in a way that doesn’t draw any suspicion.

When it comes to figuring out what size she wears you might need to get a little sneaky.  Does she have a ring she wears a lot on her ring fingers (and fits)? Casually borrow it without her noticing to give the jewelers an idea of what would fit.

Hopefully we’ve got you started on the way to the perfect proposal. Check out more tips on why you should Get Creative!

Classical Procession Music vs A Modern Twist

This week’s debate may sound minor but it creates some very strong feelings on both sides: what music do you want playing while you’re taking the most important walk of your life? Are you a stickler for tradition and want to hear a bridal march or string composition? Or do you want a song with a little more relevance to you relationship?

Classical music has been the bride’s processional choice for centuries (literally since they didn’t have the option of Celine Dion serenading them back then). Growing up we all pretend we’re walking down the aisle while singing or humming “Here Comes the Bride” and for many, that is one fantasy that needs to become reality to have the perfect wedding. Hearing these songs, which you so rarely hear, can truly put you in the moment and help you realize you’re about to become someone’s wife or husband. The classical route also has practical reasons as to why it could be the better option. Unless they’ve taken up residence under a rock, your guests have probably heard these songs before and need no cue to know when the bride is making her entrance; they’ll already be standing, waiting, as the familiar “dum, dum, de dum” announces your arrival.

On the other side we have modern music, whatever your taste. Many see this as creating a more intimate feeling for your ceremony instead of the stodgy creations of Beethoven or Pachelbel. When using modern music, you don’t necessarily have to walk down the aisle to Taylor Swift telling you her love story. You can, but you don’t have to. Instead you can simply use a version without the lyrics (the instrumental version) and still create the same, warm effect. When everything about a wedding revolves around the couple, why not also make your processional song a little more personal and unique to reflect you as well, instead of the same songs hundreds of other couples have used? A more up-to-date song could also have a greater sentimental value in the future as every time you hear it play, you’re reminded of walking down the aisle to the love of your life (the same could be said for a classical selection as well but how often do you hear those on the radio?).

So what do you think? Who wins this debate in your opinion?

Be sure to check out last week’s debate: First Look vs Bad Luck to See the Bride!

Music Monday: Creating a Wedding Day Anthem

Sometimes a song just means so much to you that you want to use it in lots of places during your special day. It can become your wedding anthem, if you will. I fully support that.

But how do you decide what your “anthem” is? I can almost guarantee that you have “a song”. Start there. Or think about what you would like to dance your first song to. Personally, I love “Where You Are Going” by Dave Matthews Band.

To make that your wedding anthem, consider using an instrumental version as your recessional after the ceremony.

How are you using the same song in different aspects to create your Wedding Day Anthem?

First Look vs Bad Luck to See the Bride

It’s election season and to give you a break from all the political talk, we’re going to have our own A Big To Do Event version of the debates. Every Tuesday until Election Day we’ll be putting two wedding practices head to head to see which comes out on top. This week it’s First Looks vs. Bad Luck to See the Bride. Which would win? You decide!

Traditionally we all know the saying “it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding” but these days many couples are bucking tradition and having “first looks” before the ceremony. The first look is a private moment between the bride and groom where the only other people around are the photographers capturing the moment. On the practical side, having a first look allows you to get many of the pictures out of the way before the ceremony so the photographer isn’t rushing trying to get every shot during the alloted cocktail hour time, also giving you more time to take shots of just the two of you once the formal pictures are out of the way. First looks also provide you with a few quiet moments before the wedding to see the man or woman you’re about to marry and ease any pre-wedding jitters, share a special gift, and see how amazing your future spouse looks in their wedding attire!

Photo Credit Tiffani Sunshine Photography

On the opposite side is the age-old practice where the groom doesn’t see the bride before the wedding to prevent jinxing the marriage. I don’t know that any studies have been done as to whether there really is some sort of bad luck that falls upon the couple if this tradition is not upheld but many people are not willing to risk it. There is more to this than just the traditional aspect though, as the anticipation of seeing his beautiful bride revealed at the end of the aisle creates an amazingly special moment for both the bride and groom and equally touching pictures. Many couples are overcome with emotion at this moment and your guests will witness the love shared between you as you meet at the altar to say your vows.

Photo Credit Photojenik Photography

Both practices have their pros and cons and each couple needs to decide what best fits them and their wedding! Which would you choose?

Music Monday: Happy Anniversary Liz and Raiford

If you’ve visited our website, well basically, at all, you will recognize this stunning couple. If you haven’t seen their wedding images yet, check them out here

Well today is their anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

In honor of Liz and Raiford, let’s revisit their song choices for their wedding celebration.

Mother’s Seating Music: “Jesu, Joy of Man Is Desiring” by Bach

Bridal Party Processional: “Cannon in D” by Pachelbel

Ringbearer’s March: “Gavotte”

Bridal Processional: “Pastoral Symphony” by Beethovan

First Dance: “You Got It” by Roy Orbison

Father/Daughter Dance: “My Girl” by The Temptations

Mother/Son Dance: “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Last Dance: “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley

Thank you, Liz and Raiford, for letting us be part of the first day of your married life together. Here’s to many, many more!

 Thanks to Tiffani Sunshine Photography for these gorgeous pictures!

Claire Pettibone Inspired Styled Shoot

A couple of months ago we were approached by the lovely ladies at Occasions Magazine to help create a feature for their magazine. This feature was inspired by the gorgeousness that is Claire Pettibone couture bridal gown line.The concept had already been pretty detailed by Kristi Rice of Momental Designs, a custom stationer in Pennsylvania. Our job was to make sure the design and concept in Kristi’s head and inspiration board was executed, models showed up, and we stayed on timeline. Because we dream in spreadsheet, as well as color, this was a perfect fit.

Take a look for yourself.

We truly had Atlanta’s best on this shoot. Christine Gallagher of Christine Gallagher Photography delivered in image form what Sharon Alexander of Sweet Sensations (cakes), Moya Mimms of MM Ink (calligraphy), Amy Osaba of Amy Osaba Event and Floral Design (flowers), Mimi Johnson of P3 Labs (hair and makeup), Tamara Gollob with I Do Linens, Erica Elizabeth Designs (hair pieces), Mao Thao with Four Inch Fold Vintage Rentals, Kelly Treadway with Event Rentals Unlimited (rentals), and Monica Zanger with Summerour Studio (venue).

Wedding Trends: Aisle Runners

Aisle runners began as a way to keep the bride’s dress clean from the dirt tracked in by her guests but now we use them for more decorative than practical reasons. More and more brides are moving away from the traditional white fabric runner for more fun and creative ideas.


When I ran across this romantic lit aisle runner, I was immediately in love with it. Your guests will be impressed. Experienced lighting companies will have all the equipment needed to make a gobo aisle runner part of your fairytale.


We’re seeing lots of flower petal aisle runners lately and not just the light sprinkling flower girls have lain out for years. These flower petal runners can be solid sheets or intricate designs down the length of the aisle.


What better way to complete your rustic wedding or bring the beach to you than by walking down a wood plank aisle? The distressed wood is a great contrast to the natural, grassy surroundings.


Why not use a runner of printed or patterned fabric that matches your color scheme? For anyone with a sewing machine, this is an easy DIY! (If you aren’t as talented in the sewing department, ask a friend to help or contact a custom linen vendor!)


Wallpaper is a unique way to add great texture, pattern, and color to your aisle. Be sure to lay it on a hard surface though so heels don’t puncture your aisle! After the ceremony, you could even repurpose the runner by wrapping it around canvas or using it as the mat to frame your wedding pictures.



What are you planning on doing to make you walk down the aisle even more special?

Father/Daughter First Look

Everyone plans for the first time the groom sees the bride on wedding day but what about the second most important man of the day: the father of the bride? The moment when a father sees his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time is special and often times emotional, so why not document it.


There are plenty of opportunities pre-wedding to work this shot in, just make sure the photographer is aware that you want this in advance. A father/daughter first look can take place anywhere; in the church, outdoors, or even in the bridal suite for convenience.


What an amazing keepsake this picture would be for both the bride and her father to cherish forever.