Classical Procession Music vs A Modern Twist

This week’s debate may sound minor but it creates some very strong feelings on both sides: what music do you want playing while you’re taking the most important walk of your life? Are you a stickler for tradition and want to hear a bridal march or string composition? Or do you want a song with a little more relevance to you relationship?

Classical music has been the bride’s processional choice for centuries (literally since they didn’t have the option of Celine Dion serenading them back then). Growing up we all pretend we’re walking down the aisle while singing or humming “Here Comes the Bride” and for many, that is one fantasy that needs to become reality to have the perfect wedding. Hearing these songs, which you so rarely hear, can truly put you in the moment and help you realize you’re about to become someone’s wife or husband. The classical route also has practical reasons as to why it could be the better option. Unless they’ve taken up residence under a rock, your guests have probably heard these songs before and need no cue to know when the bride is making her entrance; they’ll already be standing, waiting, as the familiar “dum, dum, de dum” announces your arrival.

On the other side we have modern music, whatever your taste. Many see this as creating a more intimate feeling for your ceremony instead of the stodgy creations of Beethoven or Pachelbel. When using modern music, you don’t necessarily have to walk down the aisle to Taylor Swift telling you her love story. You can, but you don’t have to. Instead you can simply use a version without the lyrics (the instrumental version) and still create the same, warm effect. When everything about a wedding revolves around the couple, why not also make your processional song a little more personal and unique to reflect you as well, instead of the same songs hundreds of other couples have used? A more up-to-date song could also have a greater sentimental value in the future as every time you hear it play, you’re reminded of walking down the aisle to the love of your life (the same could be said for a classical selection as well but how often do you hear those on the radio?).

So what do you think? Who wins this debate in your opinion?

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