Proposing: Be the Man She Fell in Love With!

While some of you gentlemen may have popped the question over the Thanksgiving holiday (leave us a comment and tell us how you did it!) we’ve got more tips for those of you who are still waiting for the perfect moment. Today I want to tell you to be yourself.

She fell in love with you. She wants to marry you. And she wants you to be the one asking for her hand in marriage.

I understand that this can be a nerve wracking time. It’s a big step. Nerves are totally acceptable but don’t let yourself get so carried away in thinking about and planning to propose that you start neglecting her or forget to be yourself. Many times a woman will sense a proposal coming (thus ruining the surprise) because her man starts acting weird. Don’t act weird! Be the man she fell in love with!

This also applies to the proposal itself. If you have never worn a suit in your life and the thought of even putting one on appalls you, then make your proposal more casual, but still just as special, because that’s your style! If you love nature and she loves you for that, incorporate the outdoors into the event! Make it you. Make it her. Make it y’all!

Be sure to check out our last tip on how to Get Creative and Finding the Perfect Ring! Check back for one of the most important tips on Capturing the Moment!

And ladies, we don’t want to leave you out today! Did you get engaged recently? As hopeless romantics, we’d love to hear your story!


Chinnette & Antonio are on Style Me Pretty!

We’re so excited we can share Chinnette and Antonio’s big day with everyone through Style Me Pretty! What a fun and gorgeous wedding this was and the pictures bring back such great memories! The couple looked stunning, the guests had a blast, and our vendors knocked it out of the park! See more of this wedding here on Style Me Pretty!

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Proposing: Get Creative!

Engagement season is officially here (at least to me since I received my first middle of the night, newly engaged, show off the ring text of the season last night!) and we’re here to help.

Guys, today my advice to you is to get creative and put some thought into your proposal! This is a once in a lifetime experience so it’s important to make it memorable and special. Here are some tips on how to do that:


Think outside of the box – We see it all the time, the “Will you marry me?” flashes on the jumbotron at the big game and somewhere in that stadium an engagement is taking place. But is that personal enough? Is it what she has envisioned for her perfect proposal? If so, great! If not, rest assured, there are plenty of other ways to do it! Is there something she’s been dying to do? Does she have a bucket list? Somewhere she’s always dreamed of traveling to? Incorporate some of these things into the proposal to make it even more magical and memorable!

Know your (future) fiancé – Some women want to know when an engagement is coming while others want to be completely surprised, knowing this can help you decide how you want to propose. If she wants to be surprised when she sees the ring then sending her on a long scavenger hunt probably isn’t the best option since she’ll be anticipating this ending.

Choose a special date – The holidays are a great time to propose because you’re surrounded by family, friends, and lots of love. That being said, I am a firm believer in making new holidays and spreading the excitement around a little. Christmas and Chanukah already give you reason to celebrate so why not spread the fun to a random day?! Plus it’d be more of a surprise! (Please just don’t propose on Valentine’s Day, it’s too cliché!)

Enlist a planner – There are many planners, like ourselves, who offer proposal planning assistance if you’re completely lost or just want the extra help to make sure everything is perfect! Planners can help with the “sneaky” aspects of planning your proposal such as making the restaurant reservations, alerting the maitre’d, making the limousine reservation, and the setup of the perfect proposal spot; all things that could leave a paper trail for her to stumble upon and ruin the surprise!

We’re here to help you on this journey so be sure to check out our posts on Finding the Perfect Ring and how you should Be the Man She Fell in Love With!

October Pinterest Picks

October flew by and we were pinning all the way through it! Here are some of our favorite finds from last month!

Beach weddings can be so intimate and romantic! Just you and the love of your life standing there exchanging vows with the tide crashing around you in front of your closest family and friends. You’re going to be standing at the altar but what will your guests be doing? Standing? Sitting in folding garden chairs? I love this solution from Pinterest of bringing in modern bench seating for your guests with pillows to match your color scheme for comfort!


While this may not be a picture all about the pretty side of weddings, it is about why we all come together at a wedding in the first place: to see two people vow to be the best for one another. These non-traditional vows are so touching and sweet that I had to include them. While these might not be the words you want to recite to each other on you wedding day, consider them as you move on from being engaged to a happily married couple.


This is one of those pictures where you just have to stop and say, “Wow!” Every girl deserves a doorway shot with the lighting perfectly framing the picture, her dress taking center stage. This pose always adds just the right amount of drama!


Those may look like tiny flowers attached to those escort cards but they are actual made from pinecones! For the crafty, DIY bride, these pinecone flowers could add that extra special touch to your rustic wedding! Invite over your bridesmaids and have a craft party! (Just be sure to thank them profusely and give them food and beverages in return!)


Color blocking your centerpieces can help create movement and interest down a long banquet table. Each new vase holds a fun pop of color instead of having all of these colors and flowers incorporated into one arrangement! What fun, creative things would you do with color blocking?


One of the best things out of Pinterest (technically from this month) is the ability to create private boards! Brides no longer need to worry about spilling the secrets of their wedding to the guests through their wedding board because it can be private, allowing only select people to access the images pinned. Pinterest listened to its users and gave them exactly what they requested!