Proposing: Get Creative!

Engagement season is officially here (at least to me since I received my first middle of the night, newly engaged, show off the ring text of the season last night!) and we’re here to help.

Guys, today my advice to you is to get creative and put some thought into your proposal! This is a once in a lifetime experience so it’s important to make it memorable and special. Here are some tips on how to do that:


Think outside of the box – We see it all the time, the “Will you marry me?” flashes on the jumbotron at the big game and somewhere in that stadium an engagement is taking place. But is that personal enough? Is it what she has envisioned for her perfect proposal? If so, great! If not, rest assured, there are plenty of other ways to do it! Is there something she’s been dying to do? Does she have a bucket list? Somewhere she’s always dreamed of traveling to? Incorporate some of these things into the proposal to make it even more magical and memorable!

Know your (future) fiancé – Some women want to know when an engagement is coming while others want to be completely surprised, knowing this can help you decide how you want to propose. If she wants to be surprised when she sees the ring then sending her on a long scavenger hunt probably isn’t the best option since she’ll be anticipating this ending.

Choose a special date – The holidays are a great time to propose because you’re surrounded by family, friends, and lots of love. That being said, I am a firm believer in making new holidays and spreading the excitement around a little. Christmas and Chanukah already give you reason to celebrate so why not spread the fun to a random day?! Plus it’d be more of a surprise! (Please just don’t propose on Valentine’s Day, it’s too cliché!)

Enlist a planner – There are many planners, like ourselves, who offer proposal planning assistance if you’re completely lost or just want the extra help to make sure everything is perfect! Planners can help with the “sneaky” aspects of planning your proposal such as making the restaurant reservations, alerting the maitre’d, making the limousine reservation, and the setup of the perfect proposal spot; all things that could leave a paper trail for her to stumble upon and ruin the surprise!

We’re here to help you on this journey so be sure to check out our posts on Finding the Perfect Ring and how you should Be the Man She Fell in Love With!

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