Proposing: After She Says Yes!

She said “Yes!”

First of all, congratulations to all you men out there who just pulled off the perfect proposal and made her the happiest girl in the world! Many of you are thinking your job is done and it’s just smooth sailing for you until the wedding day but you can pitch in along the way too! Here are a few pointers on what’s next after she says “Yes!” (Ladies, this applies to you too!)

Enjoy it! Over the next few weeks there will be so many people offering up congratulations and asking for details on the wedding. But you don’t need to know details yet! You just got engaged, take some time to enjoy it and just be happy before jumping into the details of the wedding day! There will be plenty of time to plan so right now just be two people in love, newly engaged and loving it!

Talk about what you want as a couple and really listen! You two might have two totally different ideas of what the perfect wedding entails and now is the perfect time to work on your compromising skills (since you’ll be doing that a lot in marriage). Figure out what the must-haves are for each of you and find a vision that fits all of that in.

Bring a planner on board. It is a huge misconception that planners are only for high-budget, upscale events but in fact every wedding deserves a planner and we work with all budgets. Our job is to make your lives less stressful and we understand just how much stress a wedding can potentially create for the bride and groom.

Be helpful, grooms-to-be! If she asks for your help or opinion, give it to her because it’s your day too! If you took our advice and hired your secret proposal photographer, you might already have found your wedding photographer so that’s a huge help and check off the to-do list!

Have fun! Being engaged and planning a wedding should be fun so don’t forget to keep it that way and keep being the perfect couple you are!

Leave us a comment with your proposal story. If you haven’t popped the question yet, check out our other proposal tips too: Finding the RingGet Creative, Be the Man She Fell in Love With, and Capturing the Moment!

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