Proposing: Capturing the Moment

Guys, I’m about to share the proposal tip that will be scoring you brownie points for years to come. Have I caught your attention yet? (Ladies, you’re definitely going to want to show this to your man. Discreetly, of course.) Here goes: hire a secret shooter.

What is a secret shooter you may ask? It’s a photographer who, unbeknownst to your future fiancé, takes pictures of your whole proposal from a nearby, hidden location. This way you get professional-quality memories of the whole event to keep forever.

Many women are so caught up in the happiness and surprise of the moment that they can hardly remember the details afterwards but having pictures of everything from you down on one knee to her saying “Yes!” will help bring her back to that special time for years to come, hence the brownie points.

Many photographers like one of our favorites, Devon Morgan of Photosynthesis Studio, offer secret shooter or proposal services for a really great deal. For just $200, she will hide at the proposal location and capture every moment and give you an online gallery where you can view and select the images you and your new fiancé want.  And maybe you’ll even take something off your fiancé’s plate during the planning process by already finding the perfect wedding photographer! If that’s the case, Devon applies the $200 for the secret shooter package to the wedding package you choose! Such an amazing offer! Get in touch with her to really help make your proposal special!

You may not recognize this picture but every girl with a Pinterest does (and that probably includes your fiancé). This picture may not be the first proposal documented but it created the awareness that every girl wants it.

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