Getting Married in Color

Chances are that your wedding, irrespective of how extravagant or modest the actual event, is going to be one of the most significant events in your life – an event filled with joy, love, and significance. Most brides want to continue a traditional approach and wed in the customary color of white, however that doesn’t mean that they cannot or should not do something a little out of left field to add a touch of color to the big day, perhaps with a natural fancy color diamond.


It has been traditional to receive a diamond ring for an engagement. Until recently, the vast majority of the diamond rings bought contained a colorless diamond. However, that all started to change a few years ago as celebrities started to pick up on a centuries old trend that was the preserve of royalty and wealthy individuals who were “in the know” – fancy colored diamonds.

36989 Pink stone with diamond band Pink diamond

Fancy color diamonds are a wonder of nature and come in a range of colors including red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, violet, gray, chameleon, orange, champagne, white, and black. Pink diamond engagement rings have graced the fingers of celebrities such as J-Lo, Anna Kournikova, and Mariah Carey. Pink is the most popular color of colored diamond and although the best examples of these diamonds can cost around $2 million per carat, there are fine examples available at prices that those with a more limited budget can afford.

3.63ct-FBK-RD-C5199-Pic2 3.63ct-FBK-RD-C5199-Pic4 A black diamond will provide incredible contrast whereas a white diamond will blend in beautifully. As each color comes in different hues and intensities, the same color in a stronger intensity or different secondary hue can have a completely different look to a diamond deemed to be of the same color. In short, with colored diamonds, the options are infinite and there is definitely a perfect stone for your perfect day and one that will add a touch of color to your day.

The fact is that every color of colored diamond matches a white gown, with a color to be found to match every color of gown, irrespective of the color you ultimately select. Also, don’t forget that your wedding only lasts a few hours yet your ring will be your daily companion for decades to come, so keep that in mind when selecting your color.

Leibish2 (2) pic7 Leibish2 (1)

Colored diamonds may be 10,000 rarer than colorless diamonds, however with the growing popularity of colored diamond engagement and wedding rings, brides walking down the aisle with a colored ring on their finger are no longer 10,000 times rarer than brides with colorless diamonds on their finger.



Written by Sharon from Leibish & co., visit us for pink diamond engagement rings and other fancy colored diamond jewelry.


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