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Erica Prewett, Atlanta Wedding Planner

Erica Prewett, Founder Chief Planner of A Big To Do Event, Inc. started planning events when she was in the second grade. Anything mix-and-mingle related, she is the epitome of “born with it.” She went professional in the field in 2000 and founded A Big To Do Event, Inc. in 2005. With a fetish for checklists (admits she dreams in spreadsheets), instinctive time management, unimaginable organization and a pristine sense of flawlessness make her a coveted right-brain planner with a sophisticated manner for any type of event. We’ve mentioned it before, but her favorite part of the process is overhearing her clients receive praise and cheers for their party-throwing taste and know-how.

Yes… but will you like us? You can match-make all day long with the perfect planner on paper. But we have to like the way each other “smells” – we have to gel in person. That’s why we recommend an in person meeting. In the meantime, Erica dug deep to share some of the quirkiest parts of her personality, so you’ll really know who you’re working with.

Ok Erica, what does your right brain crave during crunch time?
If I’m feeling healthy, Almonds. It’s amazing how a handful of almonds can curb the 2:00 appetite. However, all bets are off if I’m not in a healthy eating mode. I may or may not have bags of peanut m&m’s hidden in the office…

We’re betting your closet is in immaculate order…
Actually it’s not! That is one of the areas in my personal life that I would seriously hire someone to do an overhaul for me. I do have pants together, jackets together, dresses together, etc., but as far as color-coded? Forget about it!

Do you read anything other than Excel files and to-do lists?
I am an avid follower of all Vince Flynn books – especially his series about a Black Ops CIA agent named Mitch Rapp who saves the world from terrorists and bad guys in general. I have read the entire series and just finished the latest book Kill Shot recently.

Whose tweets do you halt your game plan for?
My favorite twitter conversations comes from a fellow wedding planner in Indiana, Saundra Hadley (@planningforever) because I love her wit and sense of humor. I also love following Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump). I’ve always been a fan of hers and enjoy the glimpse into her daily life – makes her seem much more normal!

Okay, so where do you go for your own happily ever after?
Anywhere with a beach and spotty Wi-Fi. I have to have sun and water in order to fully relax. The mountains are fine and all, but I’m a beach girl. And, let’s be honest, I have to be able to check email if necessary. But I don’t want full access because then I won’t be able to unplug (literally).

What else is going on in your world?
On July 1, 2015, I became the President of the Greater Atlanta chapter of the International Special Events Society. This is great for our clients because it gives me a resource of over 5,000 event professionals (ranging from other planners, a/v providers, florists, bands, etc.) from all over the world that can help us create magic. I also was the first planner in Atlanta to complete the Certification from the Gay Weddings Institute. Thrilled to be part of both notable organizations.

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