New Spins for Old Traditions!

There are so many wedding traditions that have lovely meanings behind them, but they may not be your specific style. Here are a few twists to the traditional ring pillow, which usually doesn’t have the actual rings on it because a very cute little person is carrying it. However, if you use one of these more container-type objects you may want to place your rings inside!

A Bird Nest 
(crafted of course!) for the BoHo Chic Bride
This pretty can be found on Esty in the nestedlove store. This would be beautiful in photos of outdoor vows and as a centerpiece on your anniversary picnic down the road. 

Antique Silver Ring Boxes 
for the Classic Bride that wants a ” new” family heirloom

I found these at Country LivingThis is a beautiful option that could easily be passed down to future generations to use during proposals and weddings.

Simple Ring Plates 
for the Minimalist and Modern Bride
I found these at Etsy as well, at Paloma’s Nest. These will look beautiful on a vanity to holding your special jewel for years after the wedding and will likely bring a smile to your face everyday.

Good Luck deciding, they are all beautiful pieces!

Wedding Floral Resource

For many brides, the flowers are the most important piece of their wedding day puzzle. Your guests will notice if the florals were high on your list of puzzle priorities. Also, florals are often times the focus of many of the photographs taken by your photographer, as well as your guests.
Often times it can be difficult to know what flowers to choose, and which will look best that time of year.
You want them to go with your color scheme, as well as be in season so they are as fresh as possible (and also not ridiculously expensive!). So, I’m sure you are wondering, how can I figure these things out?
Recently I came across a great resource online that allows you to search for flowers to fit your day.
You can search by the color of flowers you want, the area of the country your wedding is in, the season your wedding is in, and even the color of bridesmaid dresses you will have.
The website is called Bliss!
Check it out and find the perfect flowers for your big day!!

DIY Wedding Signs

I am loving the DIY wedding signs lately! 
It is easy to do and a unique touch for your day. These signs add so much character to a wedding, and it is easy to be creative and add your own touches on them.
They don’t cost much money, and if you are lucky you may already have some of the things you need!
Shot by Lang Photographers
Heather & Tim’s Wedding at Roswell River Landing
Photo: Dorn Brothers Photography
Tammy & Troy’s Wedding in St. Thomas, USVI
Photo: PhotoSynthesis Studio
Here is what you Need:
1. A piece of wood. Or a few depending on how many signs you plan to make.
2. Leftover paint. You do not need much maybe half a cup.
3. A small paintbrush.
4. A few hours.

How To:
Draw on a piece of paper the word you want to paint on the wood. Remember Bubble Letters in elementary school? This is the time to re-visit that skill! Or you can go the easy route and find a font you like on Word and print them on the computer. Make sure it is the size you want it to appear on the sign. With scissors, cut out the word, e.g. “Wedding.” 
Place the paper on top of  the wood and tape it in place so it doesn’t move.
Draw a pencil line along the edges of the word, so that when you remove the paper
you can see the outline of “Wedding.”
Now you are ready to add the paint. Use a small paint brush to fill in the penciled
outline with your paint. It may be a good idea to go over the word a few times to
make sure it is able to be seen from a distance.
When your paint is dry, cut the piece of wood (if you haven’t done so already) to the
chosen size.Then you can attach it to a pole with a few screws, or use a rope
or chain to hang it from an archway.
I hope you have fun creating your own signs. Be creative and make them “you!” 
I would love to see them so send me a picture
on Twitter or shoot me and Email with them!
Have fun!