Checklist: What To Bring To Your Wedding Day

If you know us at all, you know that we are lovers of checklists. In fact, you can follow Erica on Twitter using her handle @ChecklistQueen.

Our mission is to make sure you are the most comfy person on your event day. To make that happen, our motto is Preparation Prevents Panic.

Here is a handy checklist for what to bring with you on your event day. Don’t worry… if you forget one of these items, we’ve got it in our emergency kit!

Checklist: What To Bring To Your Wedding



As a bride, you will have something that seems like an emergency on your wedding day, trust me. By using a wedding planner, you will never know about many problems encountered on your wedding day. But what can you do to plan ahead of time? An emergency kit is your best option. Supplies from bobby-pins to floss, this kit will have you covered for many day-of problems that may occur. Here is our recipe for an all-inclusive emergency kit:

– Wet Ones -Hairspray -Rubber Bands -Bobby-pins -Safety pins -Bottle opener -Wine Key -Tape measure -Lighter (long and short) -Scissors -Hand Sanitize -AA batteries -Tissues -Tape(Double sided and regular) -Eye drops -Contact cleaner/holder -Tide-to-go pen -Tampons -Band Aids -Floss -Rolaids -Tweezers -Ibuprofen -Pepto Bismol -Chalk -Lint Roller -Baby Powder
-Super Glue -Hooks and eyes -Colgate Wisp -Deodorant

Confused why you would need each of these things? Leave a comment with your question on a product and I will let you know how the item can turn an uh oh, into a good-to-go.