Groomsmen Fun Fashion

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So let’s get started, shall we?

It seems that there are many options for your bridesmaids when it comes to their dresses.  They can all be in the same exact dress, similar dress but the same color, mixable tops and bottoms, etc. We’ve seen that for years. But what about our groomsmen? If you are looking for an idea of how to switch things up for the guys, this is an idea we love!

Instead of having all your guys wearing exactly the same thing, add some diversity with color coordinating ties. This gives each of them the chance to stand out a bit, while still being within your chosen color scheme.

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Just another MANic Monday…

A few weeks ago, we talked about men wearing bow-ties on their wedding day. You guys loved it. Today, we are paying a little extra attention to the men. Since we already covered attire, this week we are going to give some gift giving tips.
Gifts for groomsmen can be tricky. Buying a present for any boy is hard enough, but coming from a man makes it a little extra tricky. Here are our top five ideas for groomsmen gifts:
1. A man day-
As a groom, you have asked the special men in your life to take time out of their schedules to share in your special day with you. Pay them back by using their “gift” as a day just for the boys. Need some ideas on what to do during this day? Golf, fishing, or a football game are typically all big winners. Many of these can be combined with your bachelor party for complete guys weekend.
2. Cufflinks
For any kind of wedding gift, cufflinks are about as traditional as you can get. The perfect “timeless” gift, they are classically southern. Monograms and boys can be tricky, so go for something personalized or match the monogram with bold lines to make it a little more masculine.
These from Things Remembered are simple, yet classic:
These Lego cufflinks are the perfect gift for the boy at heart groomsmen:
And these New York Yankee’s stadium cufflinks would send any sports enthused groomsmen over the edge:
3. Flask
A flask could be one of the more “manly” things in life. Why not start your wedding weekend off right by providing your men with their own flask. With personalized options available you can make it just right for them.
4. Personalized sporting item
Whether your guys like baseball, football, golf, or anything in-between Gunther Gifts has them covered. I would be interested to know if guys would actually use a baseball bat with “Best Man” and their name stamped on it… But from a girls point of view it’s great!


5. Cigar Accessories
Men love their cigars. Personalized humidors and cigar holders are a great way to pair a personalized gift with something your groomsmen will actually use. Exclusively Weddings has some great options.
This Stainless Steel Flask and Cigar Holder provides your men with a drink and their cigar. Maybe give them this gift after the wedding…
When providing anyone with a gift, make sure it is a right fit. All of your groomsmen do not have to receive the same gift, so find something that will be a right for each guy.
A few others we love: ties that can double as their ceremony attire, beer mugs, ball-point pens, and sporting event tickets.
Did you receive a gift that you loved? Heard of one that was unique? Tell us about it.