Shutterfly Guestbook

Guest books are an important part of a wedding. They show who came to celebrate your wedding day with you, as well as show who supports your choice to create a new life together.
Recently, I created a picture book on Shutterfly for A Big To Do Event, and thought this could be a great idea for a unique Guest Book!
This was such a fun project and easy to do!
 You can choose one of two options on how to create your photo book.
The Custom Path allows you to have between 1-25 pictures per page. You can add,
 move, and resize pictures and text anywhere on your pages. There are many backgrounds,
layouts, and embellishments you can choose from as well.
The Simple Path allows you to have between 1-4 pictures per page. The pictures are
arranged for you, with over 20 styles of preset backgrounds and layouts.
In both paths, you can choose your book size. Either 5 x 7, 7 x 9, 8 x 8, 8 x 11,
or 12 x 12. The books are all 20 pages, but you can add pages if necessary.

When creating the book, there is often much free space on the pages. This is where you
can have the guests sign. Use a Sharpie pen that will write nicely on the
thick, glossy pages of your book.
This is such a fun idea, and a great way to get creative with your fiance.
Add pictures of the two of you growing up, and some of you together
throughout your relationship.
Be Creative!!
I would love to see your books if you decide to make them!
Send me the links or share more ideas with me. Follow me on Twitter or shoot me and Email!

Fingerprint Guestbook Tree

I love the idea of having a unique guest book. I know it is traditional to have
everyone sign their names in a book, but this is so much more memorable and personal. 
Instead of the boring book, do a Fingerprint Tree instead! 
Get a picture of a barren tree (with no leaves), and let the guests put their fingerprints as the leaves.
Include your names and the wedding date on the picture as well.
Offer your guests many different colors, that go with your color scheme of course.
Provide a nice pen as well (Sharpies work well) so they can sign their name next to their fingerprint.
Before you know it you will have a tree full of all your favorite people’s prints.
After the wedding, you can frame it and hang it in your new home.
What better way to always remember who shared your special day with you?
What creative guest book ideas are you using for your weddings?
I would love to hear about them! Follow me on Twitter or
shoot me an Email.

Happily Ever

After stumbling upon Happily Ever AfterWords, I knew I had to share with y’all. This adorable “guest book” box is a great spin on a regular book, or something else to sign.
This box opens up…
To hold these…

With this, guests can leave more than a five word blessing and signature.
The best part? The book is divided by anniversaries, 1st anniversary through 50th. This way, guests can leave their blessing for the year of their choosing.

For $95.00 online this is a good deal to save you time and work around many other creative guest books. However, I am entertaining the thought of trying to make one of these. I am pretty sure that $30 and a trip to Hobby Lobby would have this one covered. If I try one, I’ll be update. Hey, maybe even with a giveaway. Have you tried to DIY an online buy? Did it work?