Headed To A Non-English Speaking Country for Your Honeymoon?

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So, you’re honeymooning in a different country.  A different country…with a different language.

If you’re not already fluent (or at least competent) in that language, it’ll be hard to brush up on a different language before you leave, what with the time crunch for the wedding.  So you’re going to need all the help you can get when it comes to the language barrier during your trip.  That’s why we love this app!

If you take a picture of a sign with it, it will automatically translate for you.  The best part is that it works off of an internal dictionary, so it’s really fast and doesn’t have to connect to the internet (and you don’t get slammed with a huge data bill).

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Honeymoon Destinations You Won’t Want to Leave and can Afford to Stay

One of the items on every Wedding To Do List is “Plan Honeymoon.” We’re going to try and make this task a little easier for you with our new Honeymoon Destination series! In every Honeymoon post we’ll give you two great options, one for a higher budget and one for a lower budget!
Today we’re featuring some cold weather locales: Banff National Park in Canada and Colorado, USA
Banff National Park is less than 2 hours from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and can accommodate any adventure seeker’s need for thrill with hiking, whitewater rafting, and of course skiing. The views from The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise are truly breathtaking and as one of The Travel Channel “World’s Top 10 Honeymoon Hot Spots.” They’re sure to know how to pamper newlyweds.

If your honeymoon budget doesn’t quite get you to Canada you can find much of the same activities and accommodations in Colorado! Most people think of skiing when they hear Colorado but it can also be a very romantic honeymoon destination! Think of being cuddled up in front of the fire after a long day of snowy adventures (or a long day at the spa, let’s be honest). Colorado can be a very affordable honeymoon option. We found a 5-night stay at The Chipeta Sun Lodge & Spa in Ridgway including spa treatments and dinner for under $1500!

Where are YOU going on your honeymoon? We’d love to hear your plans or even feature your trip on our next Honeymoon Destination Series! Send details and pictures to Weddings@ABigToDoEvent.com.

Be on the lookout for the next post in our Honeymoon Destination series!

Going Away Gift

Another popular honeymoon location I have heard from my brides lately is the oh-so-romantic Italy.  
How cute is this gift basket from Olive and Cocoa for your best friend who has just announced their Italian honeymoon plans? This basket retails for a very reasonable $138. I promise you’ll be remembered as one of the best wedding-gift-givers!

Where are you headed on your honeymoon? Would love to hear from you!

Arms Up! Enjoy the Ride!

Many of our brides are opting for a Fairytale Honeymoon– Mickey Mouse Style.  They’re headed to Disney. When I came across this article on Newsweek’s BudgetTravel page, I immediately thought of them. Take a look at this article.  Where are you headed on your honeymoon?

How many rides do you ride on a day at Disney?
Posted by: Brad TuttleWednesday, Dec 29, 2010, 3:36 PM
The number of rides enjoyed by the average Disney park visitor may seem surprisingly low.
So what’s the average? Nine rides. In a whole day. Considering that a one-day adult ticket costs $87 and change, and entrance for a child age 3 to 9 is $78.81, this means typical visitors are paying roughly $9 or $10 per ride.
Cinderella's Castle at Disney World
[+] Enlarge photo
Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World(Courtesy jcronier/myBudgetTravel)

A recent New York Times storyhighlights Disney’s secret strategies for shortening the lines at park rides, and these efforts — which include starting parades to draw park goers into less crowded areas, and sending out a Jack Sparrow actor to amuse folks in line at Pirates of the Caribbean—have sometimes been able to inch the average number of rides to 10 per person per day.

Though some Disney enthusiasts enjoy shopping, parades, and other aspects of the experience just as much as the rides, the cost-per-ride ratio still strikes us as pretty excessive. What do you think? Is a three-minute Disney ride worth the equivalent of $9 or $10 a pop?
For that matter, if you’re an avid Disney visitor, do you tend to hit more or less than 10 rides in a typical day? If so, would you care to offer tips for newbies who are trying to get the most ride-age for their dollars? 

Headed to a Non-English Speaking Country for Your Honeymoon?

Have you and your fiance, discussed who will be the Driver and who will be the Map Reader on your honeymoon travels overseas? 
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Look like a SuperStar on your honeymoon with this app: http://questvisual.com/
Instant translations of street signs with your cell phone camera

What if you could point your cell phone video camera at a foreign-language sign and see an instant translation of the words on it? Word Lens allows just that. The iPhone/iPod Touch-only app, released mid-December, uses your camera to perform Spanish-to-English translations, without making a single keystroke on your phone.

Want to know what “las salchichas a la parrilla” means on a restaurant sign in front of you? Just point your camera and Word Lens pulls up the relevant English translation (“grilled sausages”) immediately and displays itwithin the image, replacing the Spanish words. So you don’t have to go to another screen or wait for more than a half-second.

Another huge plus for travelers: Word Lens works with a built-in dictionary. It does not need to connect to the Internet, and your phone is not hit with data charges while roaming in a foreign country.

Being offline makes it different to Google Goggles, a straightforward translation app for Android and iPhone devices that provides more accurate translations because it pulls results from the Web.

Downsides: Word Lens translations are far from perfect so far, and the tool doesn’t recognize handwriting yet. Translations for other languages are in the works, and the focus on Apple products is just the beginning.

Word Lens is “free” to download but you have to pay about $5 for each language you want to translated. The tool is available via iTunes. Find more info about the tool at questvisual.com.

Posted by: Sean O’NeillThursday, Dec 30, 2010, 10:03 AM on Budget Traveler: http://current.newsweek.com/budgettravel/2010/12/instant_translations_of_street.html

Guest Blogger: Jenny Reed

This week we have a super fun guest blogger, Jenny Reed is a travel agent who is VERY experienced in honeymoons! She has provided us with a few questions to help you and your fiance decide the best honeymoon destination for you. Thanks again Jenny for joining us! Enjoy

What is Your Perfect Honeymoon?
The engagement was a romantic affair, the wedding date has been set and the details of the wedding are being checked off your list daily. The next step?  Planning the honeymoon! 
So where do you start?  What is your “ideal” honeymoon?  There are so many choices as well!   So here is a quick quiz to help you get started and see what destinations you favor. Once the location is decided all you have to worry about it what to pack!
When you think of the perfect getaway, you think of
 White sandy beaches and a crystal clear lagoon
Consider the Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands or taking a cruise
 Towering mountains and a cooler climate
Consider Alaska, Russia or New Zealand
 A thriving city full of adventure and sights
Consider European cities like Paris and Rome, or Hong Kong or New York City
On your vacations, do you want
 Action and adventure
Consider a destination with lots of tourist attractions and night life, such as France, Britain, Hong Kong, Las Vegas or Mexico
Romance, peace and quiet
Consider a remote island, like Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, Tahiti or Fiji
 A little of both
Consider cruising to Alaska, visiting the smaller islands of Hawaii, or the Bahamas
On your honeymoon, do you envision
 Meeting fun and new people
Consider cruises, where you get the chance to bond with the people you sail with
Exclusive bonding with your new spouse
Consider small luxury resorts in Mexico or the smaller islands in the Caribbean such as Bonaire or Aruba
 The opportunity to do both
If you would like the opportunity to do both, consider the all-inclusive resorts such as Couples resorts in the Caribbean or the all-inclusive Excellence, Secrets or Dreams resorts in Mexico.
Your estimated total travel budget is
Consider Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, or Yosemite Park
Consider an all inclusive Caribbean or Mexico resort, a Hawaiian adventure or a Mexico or Caribbean cruise or Disney World
 $7,000 or above
Consider touring Europe, such as Italy, France or Spain, a Mediterranean Cruise or an Australian adventure
 Photo’s via Susan Stripling
Which of these best describes the travel experience of you and your future spouse?
 Visited parts of the US, never been out of the country
Consider nearby Mexico or Canada, or take the time to see some of the great American landmarks, such as Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Hollywood or Disney World
 Visited most of the US, visited some foreign countries
Consider Britain, the European neighbor of America, France, Italy or the Caribbean
 Traveled in the US and abroad extensively
Consider Africa, Australia, Thailand, China, Japan or Dubai
Most of all don’t stress over the planning of the honeymoon!   Being together wherever you decide to go is all that really matters!
Jenny Reed has over 16 years of travel experience at her agency where she plans honeymoons for couples to worldwide destinations.   Ask away as she does not charge a service fee.  Please visit www.OurCruisePlanner.com for more information.

To see more tips for Jenny check out her blog

packing for happily ever after

Packing for the honeymoon is often stressful. Brides need to remember the honeymoon is to relax and have some alone time with your new spouse. Impress by showing how laid back you are, not by how many shoes you can pack. Neutrals are a great way to go. Especially with a tropical destination, your tan will be the eye catcher, rather than the colors on your dress. Pack as few shoes as possible. Typically, one black and one tan will match about anything. Taking a simple skirt with multiple tops can cut down on packing. Have you been in the gym for months getting your body wedding day ready? If so, don’t be afraid to go with ittsy bittsy and teeny weeny for a bathing suit. If your not comfortable with that, pick a great monokini. There are many flattering, modest options on the market now. Don’t forget to pack a great pair of sunglasses. Ray Ban Wayfarer’s or aviators are both timeless choices. Target also has fabulous shades for smaller price tag. Leave your heavy make up at home. A sun-kissed face with some mascara and lip gloss are the sexiest way to go on your honeymoon.
What is your must have honeymoon piece?