Pinterest Picks – August

One of the perks of being a wedding planner is that we have an excuse to be on Pinterest for hours at a time, even during work! It is market research after all. (For anyone who hasn’t discovered Pinterest you’re missing out! It’s an online pinboard where you can keep all your favorite pictures and ideas and easily link back to the blog or page you found it on for instructions! Easy, helpful, and addicting!) I went back through and picked some of our top Pinterest picks for August. Enjoy! {To check out all of our pins, follow our boards here.}

This beautiful tablescape is what I like to call Rustic Glamour, combining elegance with elements of vintage and rustic charm. Mercury glass, a lace runner on a farm table, and light flowers with small pops of color make this table rustic perfection.

There are so many elements of this picture that flow together to create this beautiful setup. The banquette combines perfectly with the ghost chairs highlighting the unique white pedestal table. The soft pink uplighting on the drape bring a warm glow to the whole space and adds a slight tint to the ghost chairs. The centerpieces of silver, white, and shades of pink and peach vary in height, moving the eye around the table. Seriously gorgeous.

How fun are these! Balloon invitations! Print the information on the balloon and send them out, blow up the balloon to see the details! These would be so cute for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties and more! So easy to match to your colors and wow your guests with this non-traditional invite!

Succulents are big right now and we’re seeing them everywhere but these succulent boutonnieres jump out to me and stand above the rest. These aren’t just your everyday boutonnieres! The color contrast between the pale blue/green succulent, the yellow flower background, and the variety of colors in the ribbon wraps add interest. And when you only have one floral accent on the groomsmen’s outfits, it needs to be interesting!

Oh my goodness. This cake is to die for! Ombré, ruffles, sugar flowers, oh my! There are so many different details to this cake that seamlessly flow together without sending it over the top. These colors are perfect for both rustic and romantic themes! Gorgeous!


How sweet is this? There’s nothing better than seeing two people in love, that’s one of the perks of being in the wedding business. (Plus look at how beautiful the skirt of her dress falls!)

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Look at Your Event Upside Down

I am a huge believer in using spaces and objects in ways they were never intended. For parties, I often use an upside down bowl to serve as a riser for a platter in the food area. I also have been known to use colorful, unique drapery as table runners. Today, let’s talk about using items that are meant to be used from the ground up, rather than from the ceiling down. 

Anyone who saw the newest Twilight movie was in awe of Edward and Bella’s wedding, and if you happen to be obsessed with weddings you watched that scene over and over taking in all the details. Possibly the most breathtaking detail was the floral canopy under which the ceremony and reception took place.
Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the Hollywood-sized budget to make this look happen but there are ways to bring some of this look into your own wedding without a team of vampires doing the manual labor.
Suspended flowers or arrangements can be used instead of or in combination with centerpieces placed on the table. Or maybe place mirrors down the center of the table to reflect the details up above.
Draping the ceiling gives a light, romantic feeling no matter the theme, creating interest in a usually boring area.
Hanging fairy lights in the trees gives a magical, wisteria look similar to the canopy in the movie. You can also string the lights instead of letting them hang to create a different but still romantic look.


How are you using general items in extraordinary ways? Would love to hear your ideas!
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We’ve created a new A Big To Do Event Pinterest! Until now we’ve all just had our individual Pinterest accounts but now A Big To Do Event has its own! We’re devoting this account to what we do best: weddings and events. If you haven’t already discovered Pinterest, its an online pinboard that is perfect for finding inspiration and will be a huge help in your wedding planning.

Here’s a sampling of some of the pictures we’ve been pinning. Click here to go to our page and follow us! We’ll continue to pin an array of amazing inspiration and you’ll even be able to see some of our own work pinned!

Magnolia Bouquet by Twigg Botanicals

Woodsy Wedding Cake

Metal pegboard as centerpiece and runner

Wedding Trends – Like it, Love it, or Leave it?

Wedding trends are constantly changing; every year brings something new. This month we’ve collected some of the current trends and we’re asking you whether you Like it, Love it, or Leave it!
White Attendants Dresses – Ever since the Royal Wedding we’ve seen white bridesmaid’s dress. Pippa Middleton looked fabulous in her fitted, white dress but is it a trend that’s going to last? It’s always been taboo to wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride so as not to steal her spotlight. What do you think? Like it, love it, or leave it?
Cowboy Boots – Attendants and even brides everywhere have been foregoing the traditional pair of heels or flats for something a little more memorable: cowboy boots. We’re seeing this trend especially paired with short bridesmaid’s dresses to really show off the boot. Like it, love it, or leave it?
Textured Florals – Succulents, billy balls, thistle, dusty miller. That list may look strange but these are the floral trends we’re starting to see everywhere. Brides are choosing to combine traditional flowers with these more textural additions to create interest. Adding textured florals definitely brings individuality to an industry dominated by roses. Your thoughts? Like it, love it, or leave it?
Push Pops – The new dessert trend sweeping the industry now is push-pops! Like the ice cream versions from your childhood, these are filled with layered cakes (strawberry shortcake seems to be a favorite)! Guests will be wowed by this creative new dessert presentation but what about you? Like it, love it, or leave it?
Chandeliers – Chandeliers used to be confined to ballrooms but the new trend is to incorporate chandeliers into any venue, even outside spaces! Brides are hanging them from trees and arches and covering them with candles and flowers. No matter what the theme, a chandelier seems to fit! Do chandeliers fit your vision? Like it, love it, or leave it?

Flower Girl Tutu Dresses – Let’s face it, kids could wear anything and still steal the show but the newest trend for flower girl attire is putting her in a tutu dress. This is just an extended version of a tutu that sits higher on the body. In one of these dresses your flower girl will look adorable but is it polished enough for your wedding? Like it, love it, or leave it?
Shot Glasses Serving Ware – A few years ago we were introduced to martini glasses used to serve food, most commonly mashed potatoes, now we’re seeing shooters. Caterers are using these to serve soup, milk with a cookie on the rim, shrimp cocktail, and more. These seem like the perfect portion but would you agree? Like it, love it, or leave it?
DIY Weddings – With the addition of Pinterest to the online scene, brides everywhere are going DIY crazy! It’s so easy to find inspiration with step-by-step instructions that bridal craft parties are becoming a norm. Just make sure you don’t put too much on your craft to-do list and get overwhelmed! And remember you can always call us at A Big To Do Event to help with your planning and execution (we’ve been known to pick up a glue gun ourselves for office craft days). DIY Weddings: like it, love it, or leave it?
Tangerine Tango – Pantone’s color of the year was recently revealed as being Tangerine Tango. This fiery orange could be used as just a pop of color or as table linens, florals, and bridesmaids dresses for a bolder look. Could you see Tangerine Tango in your color scheme? Like it, love it, or leave it?
Colored Wedding Dresses – White may always be the traditional bridal color but more and more brides are choosing dresses with a bit of color. Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 collection is done in nudes and blacks! Black may be a little too unconventional for most brides which is why we’re also seeing lots of blush tones. Reese Witherspoon even chose a stunning pink dress for her recent wedding. Are you going out of the box or staying traditional with the white color family? Like it, love it, or leave it?


Let us know what you think of these trends and whether you Like it, Love it, or Leave it!

StudioWed Open House This Saturday

Did you get engaged over the holidays? Would you like to get a head start in planning? Need to be introduced to great vendors? 
Come to the StudioWed Open House this Saturday from 1-4 p.m.  
StudioWed Atlanta is located at 
1000 Marietta Street NW
Suite 124
Atlanta, GA 30318
Park on the top level of the parking deck and take the ramp to Suite 124 
(our studio is kind of tucked away by the ramp). 
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Real Wedding: Blue Shoes and Ballgowns make a wedding just right!

To Kick off 2012 appropriately, we bring you one beautiful A Big To Do wedding! We hope you enjoy this yummy eye candy…

We at A Big To Do Event believe every bride needs a killer pair of wedding shoes…. lets be honest, we believe in killer shoes all the time!

The absolute best accessory any bride can have is a genuine smile and Jovanghn wore hers the entire day!

(Above)Again with the amazing shoes, and (R) with her lovely maids. The dusty hues of the bouquets and dresses are so romantic, don’t you think?

Time to eat, drink and be married!

…and the beautiful couple rode away from their 
{perfectly planned}
wedding, to live happily ever after!

Cheers Y’all!

Creative Team: 
Wedding Planner: Erica Prewett with A Big To Do Event
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Agnes Scott College
Florist: Toni Friday with Events Boutique
Photographer: Jen Schilestett with Photojenik Photography
Videographer: Edwin Hamilton
Wedding Cake: Rhodes Bakery
DJ: DJ Dez with AAA Entertainment

Sky Lantern Grand Exit

Ever since I saw the movie Tangled, I have been dying to visit Taiwan during their Sky Lantern Festival!
Thousands of people travel to the country each year to experience the sixteen-day-long festival during which they write a wish on a piece of paper, attach it to a lantern, light the lantern with a flame, and allow it to float to the sky.

What struck me is how this would look for a grand exit.  Lovely, huh?
 Photo from  Wikipedia.
I am so obsessed with this idea.  I’ve done it once before for the 4th of July, and it was a beautiful experience.  The effect is especially grand when the moon is out and it’s a clear night.  Your guests will absolutely love it; they each get their own lantern and write down a wish your you and your new spouse.  When it’s time for the grand exit, your family and friends light their lanterns and let them float to heaven around you.

Photo from Maureen Murray.

The concerns are, of course, that the lanterns will inadvertently burn down your reception site.  But so long as there’s not a strong wind (above 5 mph) and you’re not near an airport or dry crops, the lanterns are perfectly safe.  As with anything involving fire, there are safety guidelines to follow closely.  (And if any of your relatives have been hanging around the open bar all night, you might want to just give them some rose petals to throw.)

Check out Wish Lantern to find these lanterns for your special day.
They even offer 100% biodegradeable wish lanterns!
If you decide to make this your amazing Grand Exit I would love to hear about it!
Leave us a comment below and let us know how it goes.

Color Palette: Plum and Gray

This color palette is one of my favorites lately. It has been super popular this season, and who can blame anyone for loving it? I know I do!  It works great by itself, but is simple enough for you to throw another color into the mix, like a light blue.
(Gray and Plum)
Photo from Foglio Press.
I love these plum and gray invites by Foglio Press! Sarah does amazing work and I especially love the swirls on the top and bottom (so pretty!).  It lets your guests know that your big day is going to be completely amazing.

Photo from Des Moines Wedding Savvy

 I love the fabric of these bridesmaid dresses. They are easy to dress up or down–whichever suits your fancy. The greenery in the bouquets look absolutely fantastic with them as well!

Photo from Junebug Weddings.

 I am in love with this bridal bouquet! The lilies are amazing and it would look so great against a bridal gown or, like in the picture, a purple bridesmaid dress.

Photo from A Wedding Cake

I may just be a five-year-old at heart, but what about the words “dessert” and “table” together doesn’t make you feel like clapping your hands together?  It’s even better when the table is absolutely gorgeous, like this one.  With a dessert table, there’s something for everyone!

Photo from Wedding Wire.

The plum tie and vest look so good with the light gray jacket.  It’s so easy to create a classic look with these two colors!  It works so well.

Photo from Zappos.
It’s almost criminal to create a color palette without some great shoes.  Aren’t these amazing?  The color, the design…how could you resist?  I would want to wear them all the time.

I hope this gives you all some great ideas for the gray/plum color palette.
Let me know if you have any more great ideas or want to see a specific color palette!

Flashy Favors

Are you trying to come up with a creative, unique favor for your wedding guests? If so, I may have a solution for you. I recently came upon an easy, unique favor that guests would go crazy for.
It’s a cute flash drive that you personalize with pictures and your own playlist!
Photo from Real Simple.
You can upload pictures for the guests to take a look at when they get home.
Add your personalized playlist with some of your favorite songs! Guests will be excited to see
if they made the slideshow, as well as hear some of your favorite music.  It’s super easy and eco-friendly.
You can buy flash drives that fit with your color scheme, and attach a cute note
thanking the guests for sharing your special day with you.
Check out these adorable ones from Blogshop (I want one so badly!):
If you don’t have time to upload the pictures and playlist to each flash drive,
some companies will do it for you.
Check out the Plan Your Meetings website and
go to the Promote Your Message. When you order your flash drives, your sales
representative will help you with the upload process.  You can also check out Lookin Up Promotions.
If you have any creative favor ideas, I would love to hear them!  Feel free to leave us a comment.

Bouquets: Personalized and Pretty!

I love bold colorology when it comes to flower arrangements, but I especially love the personal touches that some brides have taken to including in their bouquets.  What better way to welcome marriage than with magnetic poetry or a pretty locket?

 Photo from Recycled Bride.

This concept opens up a whole new door to creative flower adornments.  It doesn’t have to be anything flashy, or even necessarily visible, just something sweet to add a touch of personality to the blooms, like maybe an antique pocket watch (wouldn’t that be pretty?).  I could definitely go for a bouquet with pretty brooches pinned around the stems.  Another popular option is to wrap your mother’s or grandmother’s rosary around the bouquet.

Photo from 100 Layer Cake.

I think it would be incredibly sweet if a bride added a lucky charm to her bouquet—wouldn’t that be a fitting thing to have in your hands as you walk down the aisle?

And then there are nontraditional bouquets, which I love.  Paper flowers at a wedding are adorable, affordable, and immortal!

So cute, no?  (Above and below photos from a wedding we did in September.)
I love how quirky and bright this bouquet is! I think my favorite thing about nontraditional flower options is that you can use them to showcase your personality and make them fit with your color palette and wedding theme.  And it’s so easy!