I Hope-a for a Chuppah!

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into wedding traditions from all kinds of cultures, and one tradition that has stuck with me is a Jewish one:  chuppahs.  You may recall that in Gilmore Girls, Luke made one for Lorelai and Max’s wedding.  (I don’t believe the Gilmores were Jewish…I guess Luke just likes chuppahs as much as I do!)

Photo from Luke’s Diner.
There is so much beautiful tradition behind the chuppah.  Traditionally, there must be open sky above the chuppah, but people have generally moved away from that, as a lot of venues frown upon holes being made in their ceilings.
A cute couple whose wedding we planned awhile back.
Aren’t modern chuppahs beautiful?  People really kick up the pretty with them!  But what I really adore about them is the concept behind it.  The idea is that the chuppah represents the home that the couple is going to build together.  I read an article that said, “In a way, when couples are united under the chuppah, it means that they have reached home.”  Isn’t that touching?
Photo from 100 Layer Cake
In Orthodox families, a tree is planted whenever someone is born, and when a couple gets married, the trees that were planted when they were born are used to make the chuppah.  Isn’t that amazing?  Imagine standing in front of the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, surrounded by a structure made of the trees that have been growing literally since day one.  It’s like all your life you’ve been destined for this one person, and now your trees, like your lives, are growing together.  Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic (okay, I’m definitely just a hopeless romantic…), but I love what chuppahs mean for a couple.


I’m not Jewish, but I definitely want one of these bad boys whenever I get married.  The concept, the aesthetic…it’s all so beautiful!  I can’t imagine a more inspiring way of beginning married life than under a chuppah.
Have you seen any creative or pretty chuppahs?  And what are your favorite wedding traditions?  I’d love to hear from you!
Take care!

Ilana and Greg’s Wedding

Ilana and Greg’s Wedding
September 6, 2009
We are lucky to work with amazing couples, each with their own story and personality. We feel honored to be part of each couple’s special day. This special day belonged to Ilana and Greg.
Greg and Ilana enjoyed their Wedding Weekend Celebration at the Westin Buckhead. I really like this property. They were able to accommodate the several different rooms we needed for each portion of the ceremony needs. The entire family and all of the witnesses were able to comfortably fit into the room to watch the couple sign the Ketubah.

This is one of my favorite moments of all weddings. The time when Daddy and Daughter share that special “Thank You” and “I Love You.” Precious.

This wedding would not have been as fun (nor as perfect) without these fabulous vendors:
Denise and Frank with Let’s Celebrate! provided the stunning personal flowers, centerpieces, and chuppah.
Laura with Vosamo Photography captured the entire day with her artistic images.
Opher Moses with Point Of View Video captured the day on video.
Damian Cartier led the celebration via his band.
Lisa with Simone’s Bakery provided the delish cake.
And, of course, Your’s Truly, Erica with A Big To Do Event, directed the Wedding Day.
Thank you!