Going to the Chapel… Not without the marriage license!

3 Common Misconceptions About Marriage Licenses in Georgia

**Back by popular demand – here are some answers to questions we get all the time about getting your marriage license in Georgia. Enjoy!**
Common Misconceptions #1: “Blood Tests are required in Georgia.” The real answer is no. As of July 1, 2003 blood tests are no longer required in the state of Georgia.

Common Misconceptions # 2: “You have to register in the county you are getting married in.” If either the bride or groom is a Georgia resident you can get your marriage license in any probate court in Georgia. If neither the bride nor groom is a Georgia resident you do have to get your marriage license in the county you will be married in.

Common Misconceptions # 3: “You can just show up at a probate court and get your license.” Come Prepared. Here’s a quick checklist for things to bring with you: both the bride and groom’s birth certificate, driver’s licenses, passports, and social security cards. Original forms of all of these things are required.

Fees for marriage licenses range from $50 to $100. Make sure you call the probate court you are planning to go to well in advance to determine the specific requirements for that county. In Georgia if a couple completes a premarital education program the marriage license fee will be waved. Check out the Georgia probate court website for more information on requirements for premarital education and other information.

Probate Courts in Georgia:
Clayton County:
21 South McDonough St.
Jonesboro, GA

Cherokee County:
90 North St. Suite 340
Canton, GA

Clarke County:
325 E. Washington St.
Athens, GA
Cobb County:
32 Waddel St., Bldg D, Probate Court
Marietta, GA
Coweta County:
22 East Broad St.
Newnan, GA
Dekalb County:
556 North McDonough St., Rm G1B
Decatur, GA
Douglas County:
8700 Hospital Dr.
Douglasville, GA
Fayette County:
One Center Ave.
Fayetteville, GA
Forsyth County:
112 West Maple St., Suite 101
Cumming, GA
Fulton County:
136 Pryor St., Suite C230
Atlanta, GA
Gwinnett County:
75 Langley Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA
Hall County:
225 Green St.
Gainesville, GA
Henry County:
99 Sims St.
McDonough, GA
Newton County:
1132 Usher St., Room 107
Covington, GA
Rockdale County:
922 Court St., Room 107
Conyers, GA
Oconee County:
23 N. Main St
Watkinsville, GA

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