Smash Cakes

In one episode of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall talks about the best wedding cake he ever tasted, saying, “It haunts me.”  That’s how I feel about this cake:  it’s not technically a cake, but more of a chocolate shell in the shape of a cake.

Isn’t this brilliant?  If you’re not a cake person, you can opt out of the standard issue multi-tier white wedding cake and go for a smash cake instead.  When it’s time to cut the cake, the couple pulls out a little hammer instead of a knife and smashes apart the cake!
Everyone gets a shard of chocolate.  If you choose to stuff the cake with something like candy or chocolates, your guests can pile some of that onto their plates, as well!  It’s like the wedding version of a piñata!  Isn’t that fun?  I love the idea of a bride and groom whipping out a hammer at the reception and making all of their guests do a complete double take.
Got any other nontraditional cake ideas?  Tell us in the comments!  We’d love to hear from you.

This one tops the cake

At a recent wedding, I came across some cake toppers that changed my life. …Okay, they haven’t changed my life. But they are pretty darn cute. All of the toppers are totally custom. You send a picture of the wedding attire (dress and suit/tux), and of you two, and they craft a handmade cake topper to look just like the couple on your wedding day! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…
HOW cute are these details?
Prices range from $150 to $215. These precious toppers can be found on none other than Etsy. The brand name is Concarta.

Current Wedding Cake Trends

Recently we have been seeing some new trends in the wedding cake industry. Trends are always changing and we, of course, have to stay on top of them all! These are a few of the cake trends we love!
Black and White
Black and White is a classic way to go. This isn’t a new trend, but it is certainly a classic one! If you want a more timeless, clean look for your wedding cake, black and white is definitely the way to go!
Nontraditional Shapes
Switching up the shape of your wedding cake is certainly something new and unique. If you are concerned about your cake being repeated at another wedding, using shapes to make your cake unique is a fantastic idea! We love the variety of shapes you can choose from to make your cake your own!

If you are looking for a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake, go with the all new trend, cupcakes! This is a cake idea that is becoming more and more popular. It is easy to add a wow factor with the cupcakes without extra cost, not to mention the guests will love them!

Mismatched Heights
These days cake bakers are becoming more creative with the designs and looks of wedding cakes. They are wanting to add a more artistic look to them without overdoing it. By mixing up the heights of the cake tiers it is easy to change the look of a cake. This look can take a simple cake, and turn it into something amazing!

After looking at all of these trends myself, I decided it only made sense if I shared what my favorite cake trend is for 2011. This cake is simple yet classic with the black and white, but the mismatched height trend makes it all the more fun. I am in love with this cake!!

Feel free to email me or find me on twitter if you have any questions or want some ideas on other fun wedding cake ideas!!