The average American wedding uses 43 different vendors. The best part about hiring a planner? We are the pros at managing that many players and their specific contract specifications, whether local or across the ocean.IMAGE COPYRIGHT (C) 2012 BEN VIGIL. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

All of our checklist expertise and our handy, nit-picky resources are stored in the easiest piece of luggage to carry across the world—our brain! And because it’s easy to squeeze our A-type personalities into a carry-on, we’re ready to pack it up and plan your event wherever you wish to party.

We’ve been lucky enough to plan fabulous fetes from Bangkok to St. Martin to the sweet, sweet Georgia Mountains. There’s no scene we can’t dig, no crowd we can’t hang with and no river too wide or deep for us to cross… organized, on-time and in heels, of course.

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