We could not have done this without you! Thank you for your patience, creativity, hard work, and suggestions. The weekend is perfect and we are so grateful for all of your help during our engagement as we prepared for our wedding and life together!

Ann-Marie & Alex Kaas
Wedding at American Spirit Works, Atlanta, GA


Dearest Erica,

Oh my! What a fabulous wedding coordinator! You are so amazing! you did such an incredible job planning and executing Ann-Marie’s wedding from the beginning to the very end. Like I said to you this morning, you didn’t let any grass grow under your feet nor any stone unturned. Thanks to you, I never thought about one thing on the wedding day…I just acted like a “guest”. It was absolutely over the top! Everything went as planned and more! Your assistant was also outstanding and very helpful!

You are an amazing, young lady filled with such wit and charm. I’m so glad we have made a new friend. Please let’s keep in touch. You really know your business and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that is getting married or having an event. Thank you again, Erica. You made the planning of Ann-Marie and Alex’s weddings and wedding weekend so enjoyable and very, very memorable.

Marie & Jim Pouns



Kindness, talent, promptness, and excel all come to mind when I think of you and your business. Thank you for absolutely everything you did to make our day spectacular. I honestly was at ease knowing that you were there, handling everything and working tirelessly to make our dream day a reality.

As you know, my mom and I can be quite the worriers, obsessive, and just plain crazy. You always solved our problems, provided guidance and put us at ease throughout the process. Thank you for the extra attention and dedication. I will truly miss emailing you every day! :) I can honestly say you are amazing person. Thank you so much!

Oliva and Jeff



You are so amazing. Hiring you was on the best decisions I have ever made (next to marrying Brandon). You are the ting to my yang. Thank you for letting me maintain the creative freedom with our wedding, for filling in the gaps where I lacked experience and knowledge, and for executing the heck out of the best day of our lives. I am so thankful for our friendship. Anyone else would have thought I was crazy bridezilla running around before 3 pm “cutoff” on Friday, but you knew to just give me my space to finish my “projects”. You can’t buy teamwork like that. When 3 pm came – I knew I could leave everything in your hands and it would be taken care of – and it was. That is worth $1,000,000 and if I had it, I would give it to you…but only if you let me manage it :) You are the sole reason I was able to kick-back and ENJOY my wedding. You are the sole reason my smiles in all the pictures were stress free. What an amazing gift you have. Before my daddy walked me down the aisle, we talked about 2 things (that I can remember) 1. How “pretty my mom looked all gussied up and maybe I can get her to gussie up more often” and 2. “Erica does a good job, does she? She really knows what she’s doing.” From a man of few words, quite the compliment.

We love you tremendously,
Katie and Brandon Waters



I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work with our wedding! You did an amazing job. You are so organized and thorough. I felt so relaxed the day of the wedding, because I know you had everything under control. During the honeymoon, Chris and I marveled at what a great coordinator you are! I am so thankful that Amanda gave me your name! I really appreciate the fact that I could trust and rely on you. Your help leading up to the wedding helped to keep me organized and focused. Thank you for helping to make our wedding day more perfect than I could have imagined!

Abby and Chris Otto 


It’s incredibly hard to think of a way to adequately describe the ability I have to remember my wedding day as being entirely stress-free.  That is the gift you gave Stephen and I, and we could not be more thankful for your time, talent, and sweet thoughtfulness.

Much love and many thanks,
Erin & Stephen McCubbin
November 2013



What do you say to the “Queen of Lists”? Let’s start with a THANK YOU!!! From the time we all met you, we knew you were the one for us! You are a good listener, you follow up, and when needed you are a “tiger”! (Gary really likes that!) You are the BEST!

Arlene & Gary (parents of the Bride) Sara Rose & Jeremy (Bride & Groom)


Dear Erica and Lila,

Thank you both for the great effort, thoughtfulness, and support you gave in helping to make our wedding day an absolute dream! All of the little details that you kept track of and covered to make everything go flawlessly allowed Phillip and me to truly soak in every second of the day.

I appreciate your advice and availability leading up to the wedding and for coordinating it all!  I can’t tell you how many compliments our families received regarding how smoothly everything ran – all thanks to you.

The memories of our wedding day, to me, are all beautiful and will continue to make me smile forever.  Thank you both for the huge part you played in that.

— Maggie and Phillip Korn


Erica, our Life Saver,

We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work, time, and careful attention to detail. You put us at ease with your “Consider it done” motto.  You truly did get everything done.  And then some!

We loved getting to know you and work with you.  We wish we were closer so our paths could cross more often.  Stay in touch and if you are ever in Los Angeles, or anywhere close, let us know!

— Jessica and Shannon, The Party Goddess


We absolutely loved our wedding! It was better than we imagined it would be.  We can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance throughout this entire process.  I honestly have no idea how we (my mom and I) would have gotten through the wedding day without you.  I hope to see you soon and that your family have an awesome holiday and a very happy new year!

— Jeanette and Colin Norris


“Check”, “Done”, “Already taken care of!” These are words that we heard from Erica Prewett in the weeks before our Open House Event. For months now we have wanted to have an Open House/Merge party for the Jill Elliott, LLC and Campbell & Brannon, LLC merger. The problem was: everyone in the office had too much to worry about than to take time to plan such an event.

Well thank goodness for Erica! Within the first consultation, Erica already had a game plan and a swarm of ideas to make our event, well, a Big To Do! She took care of ordering the Save the Date cards, the Invitations, the caterer, the bartender, and so forth down to the last detail. Erica took the time to speak with us about the event and keep us updated and on track. She was available the day of the event to set up, decorate, and keep the rest of us organized. We were able to work almost up to the time the party started to make sure that our daily tasks were not overlooked and our office continued to run smoothly.

The Open House was fantastic! Everyone had a wonderful time, including the employees who were able to mingle and mix with the guests while Erica made sure the table and bar were stocked, dishes were cleaned up, and all the guests were happy. This successful party would not have happened without Erica’s involvement. Erica, we thank you for your guidance, perfectionism, expertise and over the top customer service that made our event A Big To Do! You are at the top of our referral list. We will gladly refer to you any friend, family member or client with enthusiasm. Thank you!”

—Mark A. Young, Esq. & Mary Catherine Self, Campbell & Brannon, LLC

“Words cannot even begin to describe how glad I am that we chose A Big To Do Event for my son Brian’s Bar Mitzvah party! The entire event went off better than I had imagined and I was totally free to enjoy the event knowing that you were taking care of every last detail. From the very beginning, you took the time to figure out exactly what we wanted and what we could afford. You combined our desires and our budget with your experience and natural flair and put together a truly wonderful event. And you came up with several nice touches and suggestions that really enhanced the whole evening. And the fact that you could work so well with the caterer and facility that we had already picked out made the whole process leading up to the event even easier for us.

What I really appreciated was the you and your staff were there the entire day of our event to handle all of the last minute details before the party, to ensure the party itself went exactly as planned, and– most importantly – to get it all cleaned up afterward. All I and my guests had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves. I have already recommended A Big To Do Event to some of my friends for their upcoming celebrations and will definitely be calling you for our next event. Thank you again for a job incredibly well done and thank you for giving us the ability to enjoy our son’s Bar Mitzvah party!”

—Dan Cohn, Cohn Consulting Corporation

“We thank you for your “day of” directing of the Atlanta Women’s Network WomenUP 2007 event. Had you not been there, the board members would have had to oversee those important details that make an event successful and would not have been able to network, which was the purpose of the program. You allowed us to enjoy the event, rather than run it. You arrived at the event site and immediately set about taking care of last minute arrangements to make the event a success. With professionalism and poise, you thought of everything, including disarming the facility’s alarm so when the actors left through the backdoors, they would not set off the alarm. No detail went overlooked. What a pleasure it was to work with you. We are grateful for the time and energy you devoted to this special project. You made the WomenUP 2007 event memorable.”

—Wendy Kinney, President, Atlanta Women’s Network

“I am still recovering and basking in the glow that comes from being happy with the results of hard/fun work. I want to thank you again for ALL your help, assistance, insights, information, friendship, and camaraderie. You really went above and beyond.”

—Joyce Forgoston Bogrow

“I wanted to take a moment and extend my appreciation and thanks for the professional and memorable way in which you planned and put on the North Fulton Bar Association annual Bench & Bar Barbecue. In the past it has taken the seven attorneys on the NFBA Board of Directors endless hours to plan and put on the barbecue. By allowing you to take over the event, it was run more efficiently and with noticeably less strain and pain to the Board. The caterer you selected was superb, your employees who oversaw the affair were polite and professional, and the setup, serving, and clean up were efficient and appreciated especially by those of us who used to do it ourselves.

In addition to providing a great party to attend, our hiring of you to handle our event provided the Board of Directors with an opportunity to enjoy it, rather than to stress out running it. The overall pricing of the event was very comparable to what we have paid in the past to put it on ourselves. When the price is compared to the inconvenience if we had not had you to rely on, the result was both incredibly cost-efficient, as well as painless. If I can ever provide a reference or an endorsement for you, please let me know. Thank you again for your assistance.”

—Joseph H. Rosen, President, North Fulton Bar Association

“Erica we can’t thank you enough for all you did to help make our St. Thomas wedding totally amazing. You made the planning process effortless for me. You were always there to handle anything that came up, and so many times even before I could ask. It’s like you read my mind. Mostly I thank you for everything you did that I didn’t know about at the time! ☺ The behind the scenes coordination and handling of the unexpected for the rehearsal dinner and wedding made everything go perfectly. I was able to enjoy the rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception without any worries as I knew you had it all under control. You are one amazingly talented lady and I am so happy you were part of our special day.”

—Tammy Godwin

“I hired Erica Prewett at A Big To Do for “day of coordinating” for our wedding eleven months before our May 22 date. I had no idea at the time that I had made the best decision I would make for the entire year of my wedding planning. Erica is organized, professional, classy and one of the sweetest people on the planet. She has a calming effect on the most stressed out brides and put my groom at such ease his favorite new phrase is “call Erica, she will solve it”. Erica went above and beyond her long list of duties and made our wedding the most beautiful and memorable day of our lives. On top of everything else, she recommended our florist and cake specialists which were all incredible to work with.

Erica helped every step of the way from choosing and working with vendors to planning each moment of the ceremony. On the day of our wedding, I was lucky enough to see Erica and her staff in action. They took all of my magazine cut outs and blurred visions and turned them into the most beautiful ceremony and reception we could have imagined. She even drove one of my guests home who needed a ride. There are not enough words to describe how much I appreciate Erica and her staff at A Big To Do. I will recommend her to every bride I meet from now on.”

—Heather Rogers

“You are so amazing. Hiring you was one of the best decisions I have ever made (next to marrying Brandon). You are the yin to my yang. Thank you for letting me maintain the creative freedom with our wedding, for filling in the gaps where I lacked the experience and knowledge, and for executing the heck out of the best day of our lives. I am so thankful for our friendship. Anyone else would have thought I was a crazy bridezilla running around before 3:00 pm “cutoffs” on Friday, but you knew to just give me my space to finish my “projects.” You can’t buy teamwork like that. When 3pm came, I knew I could leave everything in your hands and it would be taken care of. And it was. That is worth $1,000,000. And if I had it, I would give it to you… But only if you let me manage it! {Note: Katie is an amazing Financial Advisor and Planner.}

You are the sole reason I was able to kick-back and ENJOY my wedding. You are the sole reason my smiles in all the pictures were stress free. What an amazing gift you have. Before my daddy walked me down the aisle we talked about two things (that I can remember): 1.) How “pretty my mom looked all gussied up and maybe I can get her to gussie up more often.” and 2.) “Erica does a good job, doesn’t she? She really knows what she’s doing.” From a man of few words, quite the compliment.”

—Katie and Brandon Waters

“Thank you so very much for your expert coordination of the October 2010 wedding of my daughter and son-in-law. As the step mother of the bride, as well as an executive whose job responsibilities include major event planning, I realized that I needed to hire an individual of exceptional skill and ability to meet my expectations. You not only met our needs, but far exceeded them. Your professional and courteous, yet firm, attitude was perfect to address the eccentricities of a large blended family and your expert knowledge and experience was coupled with the patience and sensitivity required during a highly emotional weekend.

Your attention to detail and assertive vendor management in the months prior to the wedding guaranteed the success of the event. Having you direct the weekend activities took a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to enjoy the joyous event and weekend. Your presence alleviated all my concerns and I am deeply appreciative of your unflappable calm and support.”

—Lisa Fanto Swain

“Thank you for making the luncheon for my client Kingway such a resounding success! The plant folks continue to wave and thank me for the delightful barbeque, drinks and dessert. The office personnel are asking me if I plan to do it again anytime soon! Providing fun and almost 200 meals was never easier for me, since I did nothing except to ask you to arrange for and look after the details. It went off without a hitch; you were even able to provide a lovely day for the picnic meals!

I know that you will be a success in your new home in the Atlanta area. Your charm, warmth, smile and management skills will serve you well in this marketplace. Please let me serve as a reference for you in your future event planning. I want to be associated with your success in the future, which I see is clearly laid out before you. I look forward to working with you again at my next client event.”

—Michael A. Roman, President / CEO, Manufacturing Practices

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your part in making Jessica and Roger’s wedding a wonderful and memorable celebration of life. We will never forget this day and feel so fortunate to have had your expertise (and some beautiful weather) to enhance this special day. I wanted to give special acknowledgement to Anik Kueller’s floral artistry – it was her work that originally attracted Jessica to the Everything Wedding display at a local bridal show. Jessica and I had spent hours walking around and I was pretty overwhelmed by the variety of vendors and all of the options. Jessica was drawn into the Everything Wedding display by the sample floral arrangements that Anik had brought to the show. After chatting with Anik for a few minutes, Jessica was also drawn to Anik’s delightful personality and knew that she would fit in well with our family and our plans. We hired Anik to be our floral designer – the bouquets and arrangements that she created for the wedding were exactly what we wanted – they were stunningly beautiful!

Anik also knew that we were looking for a “day-of” wedding coordinator and she suggested that we might want to meet and interview Erica Flippo to fill that position. We liked Erica immediately and were impressed with her suggestions and all that she had to offer as a coordinator. Erica helped to make the day of my daughter’s wedding much more fun and relaxing for me – I did not have to worry about any scheduling or logistical details. Erica was a professional, positive and invaluable presence at the wedding. It was such a pleasure working with Anik, Erica, James and Ashley at Everything Wedding. I really like your concept and wish that we had found you at the beginning of our planning process.”

—Susan Brace

“Thank you for your work regarding our recent Bench and Bar B Que. The event was a terrific success due to your efforts. Thanks so much for your help and good efforts.”

—Ronald E. Dobelstein, Ronald E. Dobelstein P.C.

“Let me start by saying this: My wedding was perfect. And I can say without a doubt A Big To Do Event played a HUGE role in making that happen. Erica and her staff made sure not only all the plans were in place, but back-up plans and “just-in-cases” were ready too. Having a destination wedding made me a bit nervous when dealing with island details and vendors. Having Erica there for the weekend made all the difference in the world. I could write example after example of Erica’s detailed planning and execution of my event. Many people think they do not need a wedding planner because they can handle it themselves. There is a big difference between can and should. With Erica by my side (actually in the backdrop ☺) I did not have to worry about anything except savoring every minute of my special day. My family as well as guests have asked about Erica since my event and know she is a big reason the event went off without a hitch.

During big occasions the host already has a lot on their mind. Erica not only takes care of things so you don’t have to, she takes care of them without you knowing they were ever an issue. Erica allowed me to be fully present at my wedding without nagging logistics questions in my head. As valuable as Erica was to me, she was equally (if not more) valuable to my mom who otherwise would have been carrying the burden of logistics, tasks. A wedding is arguably the most important event of your life. There is no one I would trust more than Erica with protection of this day.

And, with only a 30% chance of rain and fairly sunny skies we were optimistic when taking pictures. But what is a bridal party to do when it starts to rain on our parade? We didn’t even have time to think about what to do before up walks Erica with umbrellas color coordinated to match the wedding. As previously stated… A Big To Do thinks so you don’t have to!

—Sarah (Hitt) Lee

“Michael and I just want to thank you for all of your help with our wedding. The professionalism and courtesy you showed to everyone involved was exceptional. It was so nice for us and our families to not have to worry about the “little things” before, during and after the ceremony, rather, we were able to enjoy our time with family and friends, thank you. We will recommend your services whenever we get the chance.”

—Sue & Michael West

“Thank you very much for your contribution to “the best wedding” I have ever been to. I know your support lifted a lot of stress and pressure on Season.”

—Charlie Frohock, Operations Director Europe, Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery 

“Rob and I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for everything you did to see that our wedding ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. We believed that, with the help of a very organized bridesmaid, we had everything covered. Therefore, we were constantly amazed at all the not-so-little details that you brought to the table for our consideration. Your preparedness and professionalism showed on our big day. We also appreciated you “running with it” when we changed our grand exit time without warning. It felt so wonderful when our guests complimented how smoothly everything ran from start to finish, and that is a credit to you.

Our own experience with you from start to finish could not have been better. Rob and I were excited about the contract you worked out with us, and relieved when you allowed us to spontaneously add a little more to the plan by asking you for assistance with floral and gown preservation. Furthermore, the vendor recommendations you gave us throughout the process were a perfect fit for our vision and budget.

When all was said and done, Rob and I think the best wedding decision we made was to retain your services. You can expect to hear from us when it comes time to plan an anniversary celebration. In the meantime, please know that we are more than happy to act as a reference for you should any potential clients make the request. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the perfect start to our marriage!”

—Rob and Theresa Dell-Ross